7 Skimlinks Alternatives for Publishers: Boost Your Revenue

Monetizing a website or blog is a top priority for publishers seeking to turn their content into a sustainable income stream. While Skimlinks has been a popular choice among publishers for affiliate marketing and content monetization, it's essential to explore alternative options. In this article, we will delve into 7 best Skimlinks alternatives for publishers that provide diverse solutions to help publishers optimize their earnings.

Skimlinks works with some of the biggest networks including CJ, Awin and Rakuten and gives you access to more than 48,000 affiliate programs in one place. It negotiates exclusive rates with merchants that are twice the usual rates. 

The 10 alternatives mentioned in this article offer diverse solutions for affiliate marketing and content monetization, catering to various niches and preferences. To maximize your website's revenue, consider testing and integrating one or more of these alternatives into your monetization strategy. Remember that the best choice will depend on your specific niche, audience, and content focus, so choose the one that aligns best with your goals and objectives.

Why should you consider Skimlinks alternatives?

This UK-based affiliate network has been in the business for approximately 15 years and knows exactly how to engage the audience. Their wide range of affiliate programs draws everyone in. However, here are some drawbacks to consider:

  • Skimlinks takes a very high percentage of revenue from what you earn everytime they send you the earnings. They take approximately 25% from you.
  • They have a very long payment timeframe of  90-days. So, essentially, you have to wait 90 days for it. 
  • Skimlinks has a reputaton for providing very slow support. 

That being said, Skimlinks is a network that you can check out. But, you can also consider the best Skimlinks alternatives to boost your revenue. 

The best Skimlinks alternative, ShareASale is an affiliate network marketing that provides services to the affiliate and the merchant. Affiliates utilize ShareASale to search for promoting products and earn commissions for referrals on those products. It provides very competitive commissions and real-time reporting to boost your success.

A-Ads is an alternative for Skimlinks and a crypto and bitcoin advertising network that offers ethical privacy-aware CPA, CPD, and CPM ads and accepts over 20 major cryptocurrencies. It provides worldwide access with ease and regulates the content it supports. User privacy is highly valued as is transparency.

Impact.com is the leading partnership management platform in the world, transforming how businesses are managed and enhancing all types of partnerships like traditional rewards affiliates, commerce content publishers, influencers, B2B, etc.

FlexOffers is a one-roof affiliate marketing solution for publishers. This Skimlinks alternative is a one-roof affiliate marketing solution for publishers with database that comprises of over 10K advertiser partnerships from over 65 networks.

ClickBank is a leading global retailer with its own marketplace that enables sellers and entrepreneurs to grow their sales with their global affiliate network. ClickBank assures you quality and helps you boost your revenue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Skimlinks alternatives are other affiliate marketing and content monetization platforms that publishers use to generate revenue from their websites. Publishers consider them to explore different features, commission rates, and monetization strategies.

Yes, you can switch from Skimlinks to an alternative platform. The process generally involves signing up with the new platform, implementing their affiliate links, and adjusting your affiliate marketing strategy. Follow the guidelines provided by the new platform and monitor your performance during the transition.