The Best Voluum Alternatives for Marketers

There are some very solid platforms available on the market that help you with tracking and processing of campaigns for online marketers, advertisers and agencies. But, despite all of these resources, expansion of the customer base is one the most significant challenges. Retailers use various tools to expand their business, increase sales and maximize profits.

Here is where Voluum comes into play. It is a platform that tracks online advertising campaigns and is an absolute hit amongst anyone who wishes to evaluate their hard work and marketing strategies. It analyzes data and gives solid information to its users. 

Why Should You Consider Voluum Alternatives?

Undoubtedly, Voluum is an excellent platform and one of the most popular click-tracking tools available in the market. But, it certainly is not the best option for everyone as it comes with its share of cons like:

  • Voluum does not offer granular reporting and data
  • It does not allow you to do cross-device tracking
  • Suddenly, they have increased their prices significantly
  • If you are on a budget, this will not be a convenient option as the beginner plan itself will cost you about USD 70 each month and would not come with some essential features that make the platform stand out.

You can certainly find more click-tracking tools that offer the features for a better price point.



ClickMagick is an excellent Voluum alternative for marketers and an ad-tracking service that helps you track your ads and focus on profit-making. ClickMagick is best suited for affiliate marketers as it comes with highly flexible features. ClickMagick helps you distribute traffic to various offers and offers advanced cross - platform conversion tracking.

A cookieless ad tracking solution and a wonderful alternative for Voluum, RedTrack is an all-in-one performance marketing analytics platform that offers an ad tracking solution based on first-party cooking. It allows you to measure and manage all your campaigns in a single tracking tool as it has accurate data for Meta, Google, TikTik and other ad networks.



LinkTrackr is a web-based link-tracking, affiliate cloaking, and split-testing software and serves as a good Voluum alternative. You can create campaigns to track ads and centralise campaigns and see which keywords can make you money. You can also track the sales and leads and pixels.

A Voluum alternative, TrackingDesk is a conversion tracking platform that enables you to build data-driven marketing campaigns with long-term goals. It helps marketers track, measure, optimize and better the campaigns’ performance. It gives you access to campaign insights and it is tailored for search campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some tracking tools offer free plans with limited features, but they might not be as feature-rich as paid alternatives. Examples include Google Analytics and Bitly.

Self-hosted alternatives like CPV Lab and Binom provide more control over your tracking setup but require technical expertise for installation and maintenance.

Advanced marketers might prefer platforms like or Everflow, which offer advanced analytics, fraud detection, and customization options.