Adscend Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

We might receive a compensation for any sales generated through the links on this website. Some of our partners may compensate us for the business recommendations we provide on the site.

ADscend Media seeks to assist customers in saving money. By giving customers the chance to earn incentives for fast tasks like viewing videos or installing applications, they enable that. The market area for mobile device advertising is called Adscend Media. Through mobile ad networks, exchanges, and networks in over countries, developers may distribute their applications and/or Web content using the Adscend Media platform.

Wouldn't you prefer to view an interesting commercial rather than a repulsive one? Adscend Media is dedicated to delivering excellent user and advertising experiences. They are all about advertising that works for everyone involved, so they designed this platform with that in mind. Adscend makes it simple to track profits with user-friendly account management tools, so you don't have to worry about being paid.

Adscend Features and Capabilities

  • Universal Ad Server: Create, manage and deliver ads for all devices.
  • Video ad server: Deliver full-screen video ads to your audience on any device.
  • Access a range of programmatic buying options for mobile inventory. Mobile advertising platform
  • Native advertising and video ads
  • Highly targeted audiences based on data, demographics, location, interests, etc.
  • Publisher tools: Control ad placements and revenue with easy-to-use tools. Adscend has a wide range of options for advertisers and publishers.

Adscend Payment Info

If Publisher's minimum monthly commission is not achieved, the commission will be rolled over into the next month. The monthly minimum amount depends on Publisher's selected payment method -- $50 for PayPal, $50 for Payoneer, $100 for ACH or checks within the U.S., $125 for checks mailed outside the U.S., and $500 for wire transfer (wire transfers under $1,000 are subject to a $15 processing fee). They process payments in Net 30-day basis for regular revenue and a net 60-day for video earnings. The latter can be changed to net 30-day by paying a 7% fee for the video earnings. 

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Adscend Site Type Monetized

Adscend Media is highly recommended for incentive networks, in-game, in-app mobile solutions instead of blogs and websites. 

Adscend Publisher Eligibility

Adscend Media does not have any traffic requirements that publishers have to meet per see. However, they do not encourage inappropriate content and shall reject your application if your site has the same. These include:

o Copyrighted videos such as TV shows or movies
o Any content that infringes on the copyrights of others
o Adult content (nudity, etc.)
o Fake or misleading content
o Any pages that imply the availability of the above
o Abuse of social media platforms

Adscend Ad Formats

Adscend offers the following ad formats:

Offer Wall Ads: These ads allow users to complete some action in exchange for in-game rewards. 

Content Locking Ads: These ads lock a certain part of the content until the user takes some kind of action.

Rewarded Video Ads: These are ads that reward the users in some form for watching their ad. 

Adscend FAQ

Adscend is known for its rewards-based ad solutions, which include our owned and operated video properties, market research survey solution, and Offer Wall. These solutions allow users to access curated video content, as well as earn rewards from their mobile app and desktop partners by engaging with ads---such as by watching a short video, downloading an app, or taking a short survey.

Their monetization solutions use rewards to involve users and keep them coming back for more, helping to dramatically boost retention, time in site/app, and daily earnings. From indie devs to established rewards sites, their solutions help publishers earn up to $90 eCPMs

Adscend's proprietary fraud-fighting solution, Total Fraud Defense, combines a dedicated team and suite of fraud prevention technologies to combat fraud for you.

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