Setupad Review: Best Header Bidding Wrapper for Publishers

Last Updated: March 22, 2024
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Advertising Disclosure

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Setupad is a leading ad monetization platform that has been empowering publishers for around a decade, offering innovative solutions to maximize ad revenue beyond the limitations of AdSense. Their suite of advanced technologies, including Header Bidding, Open Bidding, ad optimization, and Private Deals, ensures that publishers receive the highest bids for their inventory from top demand sources in the market.

The key to Setupad's revenue-boosting capabilities lies in its diverse range of ad types, including Desktop and Mobile display Banner ads, Native Ads, Video Ads, App Ads, Sticky Ads, Lazy Loaded Ads, and Rewarded Ads. This flexibility enables publishers to cater to various formats and platforms, ultimately driving higher CPMs. Without further ado, let's dive deep into a comprehensive assessment of the platform's capabilities and potential in this Setupad review.

  • Setupad Review: Best Header Bidding Wrapper for Publishers
    • 1. What is Setupad?
    • 2. Setupad Ad formats
    • 3. Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper Features
    • 4. How to Get Started: Signup and Onboarding Process
    • 5. Setupad Dashboard Overview: Explore Setupad’s Platform
    • 6. Setupad Publisher Eligibility for Header Bidding Wrapper
    • 7. Setupad CPM Rates
    • 8. Setupad Payment and Payout Info
    • 9. Setupad Revenue Share
    • 10. Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper Case Studies
    • 11. Setupad Customer Support Information
    • 12. Conclusion

With Setupad's professional plan, publishers can potentially increase their revenue by up to 300%. This growth is supported by data-driven analytics and real-time reporting, providing publishers with valuable insights to optimize their campaign performance. Setupad also offers a centralized ad-ops system through its platform, ensuring transparency and advanced ad performance tracking. This feature allows publishers to maximize their revenue potential through sustainable, long-term growth strategies.

Setupad Review: Ad Formats

Let's explore the network's wide-ranging ad formats in this Setupad review:

Setupad Ad Formats

  • Banner Ads: These are a versatile and proven tool for promoting products or services effectively on websites, offering various formats like Desktop sizes including Billboard(Sizes: 980×250; 970×250, 980x300), Leaderboard(Sizes: 970x90, 728x90), Rectangle, and Sidebar. Mobile options include Medium Rectangle and Large Rectangle(Sizes: 336×600, 300×600), Interscroller, Anchor ads, and In-Game ads (Sizes: 300x250). These commercials are highly efficient in drawing attention and performing well when placed carefully, which makes them a crucial component of successful advertising campaigns.
  • Native Ads: These seamlessly blend with the website or app content, offering a non-disruptive ad experience. They mimic the platform's look, boosting engagement and click-through rates. Studies show native ads receive 53% more views than traditional ads, leading to better revenue and audience growth. Their effectiveness in blending with content makes them a valuable tool for publishers looking to maximize ad performance.
  • Interstitial Ads: These essentially appear between content transitions, like page loads or app swipes, and offer a high-impact ad experience, capturing full user attention. With high viewability and engagement rates, they should be used sparingly and strategically to avoid disrupting the user experience.
  • Video Ads: These include both instream and outstream formats and offer advertisers valuable opportunities to engage audiences, which have helped many publishers maximize their ad revenue. Instream ads, appearing before, during, or after video content, reach a captive audience. Outstream ads, integrated into webpage content, ensure seamless user experiences. Both formats come in various sizes, with skippable and non-skippable options.
  • In-app Ads: These are exclusively for mobiles, and offer various formats like Medium and Large Rectangles,  and different ad formats. These seamlessly blend with the app's layout, engaging users effectively. They provide publishers with new revenue streams and enhance user experience, making them a valuable asset.

Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper Features:

Setupad Header Bidding

  • Scalable and Secure Prebid: Setupad's Wrapper is based on Prebid.js, an open-source Header Bidding Wrapper used by many publishers. This ensures scalability, optimal performance, and security while increasing ad revenue for Setupad publishers.
  • Revenue Boost: Setupad's comprehensive tools for yield management and automation workflow can boost your revenue by up to 300%, ensuring better performance and revenue acceleration.
  • Header Bidding Integration: Setupad's Header Bidding Wrapper integrates seamlessly with your existing setup, providing real-time analytics and server-to-server integration for each auction. This can help you maximize revenue from your ad inventory by creating a competitive environment where multiple ad networks can bid on your ad space.
  • Setupad Ad Server: Connect to multiple demand partners with a single server call, improving bid response times and generating additional revenue.
  • Yield Formula Analytics: Gain insights into your revenue potential with the yield formula calculator, which analyzes key metrics such as number of users, visit sessions, engagement, and monetization strength.
  • Hybrid Header Bidding Solution: Combine four main auction technologies – Prebid browser-side, Prebid server-side, Google's Open Bidding (S2S), and Amazon's Transparent Ad Marketplace (S2S) – for a comprehensive and efficient bidding process.
  • Viewable Bid Optimization: Increase average eCPM and comply with Google policies using a smart ad refresh algorithm that refreshes only viewable ads based on user behavior.
  • Premium Ad Quality: Benefit from an extensive blocklist and real-time blocking software to ensure premium ad quality and prevent malicious ads.
  • Chrome Extension: Monitor and manage Setupad ads with the Chrome extension, which also provides real-time auction monitoring for full transparency.
  • Powerful Dashboard: Access reports from all demand partners and sources in one dashboard, allowing you to track performance and optimize your revenue strategy effectively.

How to Get Started with Setupad: Signup and Onboarding Process

  • Signup: Account Setup and Approval: Setting up your account with Setupad is easy. All you have to do is fill up the details illustrated in the screenshot below using the signup link here. Once the team reviews your website and considers it eligible for monetization across its demand partners, they will connect with you over email with the necessary steps. 

Setupad Signup

  • Onboarding and Integration: The integration process is usually swift. You will be provided with a link that will prompt you to enable setupad manage your ad inventory. Then based on your website traffic and audience type, their team will begin the approval process for other SSPs along with Google ADX. Meanwhile, they will provide you with the ad codes. 
  • Implementing the Ad Code on Your Website: The next step is to implement the Ads.txt file and get the ad codes live. Although it typically requires up to a week to generate sufficient demand, once this is done, the Setupad team assists you by connecting you with the most suitable demand sources and optimize your inventory. So, this essentially means that you should wait upto 14 days to see a gradual increase in the CPMs. 
  • Going Live: Now you are ready to check the status of your websites, the ad CPMs across various SSps and monitor the performance on your dashboard and keep optimizing it!

Setupad Dashboard Overview: Explore Setupad’s Platform

Let's delve into the platform's dashboard in this Setupad review. Setupad's dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of essential publisher ad metrics, including revenue, requests, fill rate, and viewability, allowing you to quickly grasp your overall earnings and performance. The dashboard also consolidates top header bidding solutions such as Amazon TAM, Google Open Bidding, and Prebid, providing a centralized platform to optimize competing demand sources. You can place the ads.txt file in your site's root folder to enable inventory selling to bidders via Setupad. The platform's yeild revenue calculator allows publishers to gain a deeper understanding of how to optimize their website to unlock its full revenue-generating potential. 

Here are the steps to calculate potential revenue:

  • Select your domain and desired time period.
  • Use the slider to see how your revenue changes in the "Historical Comparison" graph. You can expand advanced metric sliders to see how individual improvement increases your revenue.
  • Select "Target growth projection" to see a geometrical progression of individual monthly goals to reach your target in six months.

Setupad Publisher Eligibility for Header Bidding Wrapper

Here is the publisher eligibility criteria to get started with Setupad header bidding wrapper:

  • Your website must comply with Setupad's quality policy.
  • Traffic Requirement: Your website should have significant traffic, with at least 100,000 visitors per month.
  • Ads.txt Implementation: You must agree to paste Setupad's ads.txt onto your website and use all Setupad demand sources, including Google.
  • Google MCM Manage Inventory: You must have a Google MCM (Multiple Customer Management) Manage Inventory connection with Setupad.

Setupad CPM Rates

Setupad CPM

Setupad's CPM rates are structured to benefit publishers, paying them for every 1,000 impressions their ads receive, regardless of user clicks. This model, favoring publishers, ensures ad revenue accumulation with each ad serving, mitigating risk. Publishers transitioning from AdSense commonly experience a revenue uplift of 30% or more. Furthermore, Setupad's CPM rates for tier-one countries often start at USD 2+, offering a lucrative opportunity for publishers to maximize their earnings.

Setupad Payment and Payout Info

SETUPAD Payments

At Setupad, publishers can receive their earnings via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, Revolut, or Paysera. The first payment is typically received 60 days after the end of the first month in question. For instance, revenue earned in January will be paid out at the end of March, and revenue earned in February will be paid out at the end of April, and so forth.

Earnings below the minimum threshold of €100 will be accumulated and added to the following month's earnings until the total exceeds €100 and is eligible for payout. All payments are made in euros (EUR).

Setupad Revenue Share

Setupad Revenue Share

Setupad offers a publisher-friendly revenue share structure, using a model where publishers keep a significant portion of the ad revenue generated. with their Header Bidding Wrapper, which is designed for publishers exceeding 100K monthly visits, publishers can keep 80% (80:20 split) of the ad revenue. This is a generous share compared to platforms like AdSense, which takes a 32% cut. However, the exact revenue split can vary depending on the specific service chosen.

Setupad Header Bidding Wrapper Case Studies

Setupad Success Stories

Setupad's header bidding wrapper significantly increased Ascii-code's ad revenue by 309% compared to Google AdSense. By optimizing ad setup for better viewability and introducing new ad formats like side rail ads and smart ad refresh, Setupad achieved an incredible 28.48% increase in ad viewability. The ad layout remained clean and user-friendly, ensuring a positive user experience. Setupad's solution also included a smart ad refresh mechanism, which accounted for over 44% of the client's overall ad revenue. Overall, Setupad's customer support and effective ad optimization strategy led to a highly satisfied client with a substantial revenue boost.

Setupad Customer Support Information

Setupad offers full-service customer support, including a dedicated Account Executive for personalized guidance, AdOps support for correct technology implementation, and extensive reporting with monetization analytics. Their commitment to using the latest industry technology ensures publishers have access to cutting-edge ad monetization solutions.


This concludes the Setupad review. This network transforms ad monetization for publishers with cutting-edge technologies like Header Bidding solutions, ensuring optimal bids from premium demand sources. Their professional plan guarantees up to a 300% revenue increase, supported by data-driven analytics. With a focus on user-friendly ad layouts and smart ad refresh mechanisms, Setupad maintains a positive user experience while maximizing ad revenue. Setupad is a solid choice that meets all the requirements for us to recommend it as a robust ad monetization platform.


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