7 Best Internal Link Building Tools for Bloggers

Last Updated: March 6, 2023
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It is a widely known SEO fact that one of the most significant signals that search engines use to rank results is the number of external links from good quality sites that lead to your pages. When a site with higher domain authority external link links to your pages, your site's domain score goes up, which helps you rank high, resulting in overall traffic. 

  • Best Internal Link Building Tools for Bloggers
    • 1. Link Whisper
    • 2. LinkStorm
    • 3. Autolinks Manager
    • 4. Rankmath
    • 5. Yoast SEO
    • 6. Internal Link Juicer Pro
    • 7. Twylu

However, one thing beginners generally overlook is internal links, which are links that one creates between their own pages, and it is just as important as external links. Internal linking is contextual linking that helps search engine spiders crawl your site effectively. But, creating internal links manually is both a tedious and slow process. For each new blog post, you have to go through the old posts and add internal anchor links that point to the newer ones. Luckily, there are tools that can automate this process, so instead of spending hours on this task. Here is a list of the best internal link-building tools for bloggers. 

Why Do Bloggers Need to Build Internal Links?

A kind of contextual linking, internal linking allows search engine spiders to crawl your site effectively. Using internal links to make a topical cluster of articles that support your main post will help search engines understand your expertise on the subject and increase your site's ranking on search results. 

​​7 Best Internal Link-Building Tools for Bloggers

Here is a list of the best internal link-building tools for bloggers that can help you rank higher. 

1. Link Whisper

Link Whisperer

Link Whisper is a revolutionary internal linking tool that can help you speed up the process of internal linking for SEO and help you rank better in Google. Links Whisper is a smart internal linking tool. Powered by artificial intelligence, Link Whisper starts suggesting relevant internal links when you start writing your article right within the WordPress editor. Depending on how many articles you have on your site and the relevance of your existing content, Link Whisper will suggest dozens or more internal links from the content you are editing.

With Link Whisper, you can quickly see which pages have very little or no internal links pointing to them, and it also helps quickly add new links to those articles. They also offer an auto-linking feature that will automatically build links from all past and future mentions of those targeted keywords to the page of your choice. Other than that, it also provides in-depth link reporting that can help take control of your site structure and get the data you need to optimize your site truly. It helps fix broken links and add target keywords for better internal links. 


  • The tool gives automatic link suggestions as you write.
  • You can see and add links to pages that do not have internal links built to them.
  • It creates links from keywords of your choice. All you do is specify an URL for a keyword and all mentions of it become a link. 
  • It gives reports about your internal links and fixes broken links.
  • You can get internal link suggestions from other sites you have.
  • The tool will then suggest the most relevant links for your articles, once you have mentioned your target keyword. 

Pricing: You can get a license for 1 site at $77. For 3 sites, you've to pay $117 and for $167 you can get 10 sites.

2. LinkStorm

LinkStorm is a comprehensive internal linking tool designed for SEO agencies and publishers. Its primary goal is to optimize the internal linking structure of websites. This tool can find new internal link opportunities, audit internal links, fix link issues, and optimize internal anchor texts. This saves a lot of time and effort in checking internal links of a site, especially those bigger websites with a lot of pages.


    • LinkStorm analyzes similar content across your website and suggests relevant internal links. This is useful for linking related pages and connecting new and existing content.
    • It crawls and audits your websites to produce a detailed report of your site structure. This feature helps understand and identify pages that need improvement.
    • It detects and fixes all internal link issues, such as broken links, orphan pages, redirect loops, and dead-end pages.
    • The tool optimizes anchor text for internal links, ensuring that the anchor text is descriptive and accurately describes the linked content.
    • LinkStorm is compatible with popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more, making it easy to incorporate into your existing website framework without hassle.

3. Autolinks Manager

AutoLinks Manager

The Autolinks Manager plugin, with its advanced auto links system and a great number of options, gives you the ability to apply this strategy of applying auto links in your website to generate more visits, sell more, earn with a referral system, and improve SEO at its maximum level.

This plugin knows that specific auto links should be applied on the entire website but only activated with specific topics and helps you determine the post types, categories, and term groups for the auto links. The search for occurrences of the keyword performed by the algorithm used to apply the auto-link can be tuned based on your specific needs. Their Test Mode feature allows you to apply the auto links on the front end of your website only to WordPress users with the required capability to create and edit auto links. The advanced Random Prioritization option is extremely useful to randomize on a per-post basis the order used to apply the auto links with the same priority and, as a consequence, to ensure a better distribution of the auto links.


  • The tool will create auto links for keywords in your best articles to include in the internal link category. 

4. Rankmath


RankMath offers a pillar content feature, a great way to improve your website's SEO. It allows Rank Math to build internal contextual links to those pages/posts. This is especially useful for Rank Math users who have multiple posts in the same category, as it allows Rank Math to link them all together. 

They have Link Suggestions, which feature is a pretty unique feature, and if you enable it, Rank Math will provide you with link suggestions when you are writing your posts. They allow you to enable link suggestion titles and also allow you to insert a link in the content directly. 


  • It provides you with link suggestions as you write. You can even directly insert a link in the content.
  • It effortlessly creates internal links from keywords. All you have to do is mention the keyword you would like to change into a link and Rank Math will change every mention of it, present and future, to a URl you give.

Pricing: With $59's Pro Plan you can work on unlimited personal websites. $199's Business Plan allows you to work on 100 client websites. For upto 500 client websites you can get the $499 Agency plan.

5. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO

Internal linking helps search engines find your pages and shows them that certain content is related. The internal linking suggestions in Yoast SEO Premium save you time by suggesting relevant blog posts you can link to. The internal linking suggestion tool helps you decide which content to link to. Yoast SEO also shows you how many internal text links you have in your post, and how many internal links there are to a post.

The internal linking tool is an excellent help in picking those articles that fit your new post best. With their internal linking suggestion tool, you don't have to leave the editor to work on your internal linking. This tool suggests related content while you're writing, and you can copy this link into your text right away. 


  • The Premium version helps you avoid dead links in your site
  • You get link suggestions as you write

Pricing: You can get Yoast SEO Premium for $99.

6. Internal Link Juicer Pro

Internal Link Juicer

Internal Link Juicer is a state-of-the-art solution for building internal links within the post content. It works by using an intelligent per-post configuration of your desired keywords. Overall, it improves your on-page SEO and your user experience (UX) by pointing out the right content for the given context. With the intelligent placeholder feature, anchor texts can be diversified, and the number of possible links can be boosted with little effort. 

Their automation feature removes the hassle of linking your pages manually every time you create a new post, and once the keywords are configured, the links will get built automatically. It lets you customize generated links for your individual context.


  •  It'll connect all relevant pages without consuming much time.
  •  It'll increase traffic and define anchor text for you, which will increase your sit's ranking and your customer interaction.

7. Twylu


Twylu helps you find new internal linking opportunities and improve your internal linking with instant, automated recommendations. Twylu provides opportunities to use a combination of Google Search Console and additional keyword information. It also helps you create new internal links and optimize or fix existing links.

Twylu will crawl your website and gather data from GSC and your uploaded link profile before cross-referencing it all into a single location. Twylu is collaborative, and its task management system allows you to seamlessly delegate tasks to other members of the team to implement. The CMS doesn't limit Twlyu that you have chosen for your business, and it can enable any business on any platform to audit and improve its internal link structure.


  • The tool will find, optimize, and fix your internal links. 
  • Twylu can audit any CMS platform.

Pricing: For $197, you get 100,000 crawl credits in the Basic plan. Pro offers 250,000 crawl credits for $347. At $397, you get the Enterprise plan offering 500,000 URL crawl credits.

Internal link building is an extremely important SEO technique that can help easily boost your website traffic. You can build these internal links the hard way, manually, or you can automate the entire process and save yourself multiple hours. We have listed the best internal link-building tools for bloggers that you can take into consideration.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Internal link-building tools help bloggers easily create and optimize internal links on their websites. This helps in improving the overall SEO of the website, which can result in increased traffic and better rankings.

Twylu is a collaborative SEO tool that helps you audit and improve your website's internal link structure. It crawls your website, gathers data from Google Search Console and other sources, and cross-references it all into one place. It also has a task management system to help you delegate tasks to team members for implementation.

With Twylu, you can easily create new internal links or optimize existing ones by using the combination of Google Search Console and additional keyword information provided by the tool. You can also use its task management system to assign tasks related to building internal links so that they are implemented quickly and efficiently.

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