7 Best Backlink Checker Tools for Bloggers

Last Updated: March 6, 2023
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Backlinks are links to your website from another website. From the perspective of search engines, backlinks are like votes for your site, and the more links you have, the higher your site will rank in search engines. However, all backlinks are not created equally, and the best backlinks are ones that come from big, respected websites, and the backlinks from spam or suspicious websites can actively harm your site. 

  • The Best Backlink Checker Tools for Bloggers
    • 1. MajesticSEO
    • 2. Open Link Explorer 
    • 3. Backlink Watch
    • 4. Rank Signals
    • 5. OpenLinkProfiler
    • 6. BuzzSumo
    • 7. Ahrefs

Post the installation of a WordPress SEO plugin and following the best practices, the next step is to go through the backlink strategy. There are various ways to get backlinks to your site, but the process starts with using a backlink checker to check existing backlinks for your site and your competitors. The way to get better backlinks is to check out your competition and see where they are getting their links. You can easily find out what backlinks are being used by your competition. Here is a list of the best backlink checker tools you can rely on. 

Why do bloggers need backlink checker tools? 

While several things have changed in SEO, one thing that remained constant was the backlink. Using backlink checker tools, one can find the best backlinks for their websites. 

The most important search ranking variable is the number of quality backlinks to a website or a page. It is the best attribute to obtain an edge over your competition in search engine optimization. The best checkers will help you uncover fresh link-building opportunities, learn about your competitors' link-building tactics, and better the backlink profile's health. 

7 Best Backlink Checker Tools For Bloggers

There are a plethora of backlink tools available in the market. Here is a list of the best backlink checker tools for bloggers. 

1. MajesticSEO

Majestic SEO

Majestic maps the web to bring you the Link Intelligence data that you need to dominate your market. It allows you to enjoy award-winning data from one of SEO's most established brands. It offers various parameters and scores for backlink checking like:

Trust flow which represents the quality of links that point to URLs and websites. 

Citation flow reflects the number of links that point to any given website. 

Visibility flow assists in finding the desirable editorial-style links on high Trust Flow pages. 

Topical trust flow shows where the website is positioned in comparison to the best sites in over 800 categories. 

Flow metric stores show a different measure of the impact of your content. 


  • Bulk Backlinks
  • Keywords
  • Neighbourhood Checker and more.

Pricing: Lite gives you 1 million analysis units for $49.99 per month. Pro offers 20 million analysis units for $99.99. API offers 100 million analysis units for $399.99.

2. Open Link Explorer 

Open Link Explorer by Moz is one of the biggest backlink checkers, with over 40 trillion links. It helps you get complete link metrics for any website, including page and domain authority. It helps you propel your search strategy with competitive intelligence and ROI- improving insights and a complete view of your organic search performance. 

It shows you the links to any site and understands why your page or website is ranking where it is in search results by reviewing and monitoring inbound links. It also helps you research competitor backlinks and compare the makeup of your competitor's link profiles and see where they are earning their links and how. 

It also helps you find broken links to your site and maintain link equity and traffic from the quality backlinks that you've earned by easily finding and fixing broken links. It also facilitates checking the spam score of backlinks to subsequently decrease the number of spammy links pointing to your site. 

It facilitates in discovering link-building opportunities and researching top-performing content. It also helps monitor when your content is gaining or losing links and analyze the anchor texts. It also acts as a domain authority checker to check the success metrics and complete link counts to any site. 

3. Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch

Backlink Watch is an effective method of monitoring your brand or product on the Internet and ur also measures the buzz around your brand, product, or keyword. It helps you build relations by discovering and engaging with your customers and the key influencers in your niche that will bring you more brand exposure. It helps to know your customer's core interests to create products that will meet their exact needs and desires. It shows you where to promote your products and find new customers. It also helps you manage your brand reputation. 

It helps monitor everything that is said about you on all channels, be it the web or social media, and keeps you updated with everything important in your market. 

It helps analyze your competitor's strategies from different angles to have a clear view of where the competition actually stands. They provide real-time notifications every time you get new mentions or links and provide instant access to all the critical data related to your brand across the web and social networks. 


  • Multiple sources and social networks are monitored. 
  • Comprehensive Sentient Analysis and more are offered.

4. Rank Signals

Rank Signals

Rank Signals is a powerful ecommerce SEO system that grows your revenue on autopilot. They help you make your ecommerce store rank for highly-targeted product keywords on Google search. It's a free backlink checker that will provide you with useful information. Other than providing a number of external links, it also shows you the number of followers your site has on social media, its Alexa traffic rank, and its page rank. All you have to do is create an account and get a complete report for your ecommerce store. 


  • E-Commerce SEO services
  • Shopify SEO services
  • WooCommerce SEO Services

5. OpenLinkProfiler


OpenLinkProfiler is a free tool to check backlinks to any site. It allows you to check backlinks for unlimited domains and allows you to download the newest thousand links to any domain. It also allows you to build backlinks and identify good domains to get links from. It analyzes your competitor's sites and filters results based on links on trusted top-level domains, receives results from top domains, and has a LIS score. 

It offers a link disinfection tool that shows all the low-quality links associated with your site. It also helps you find domain pages with the maximum number of links and helps you find out the top linked pages of any domain. 

Their Linkage section shows the link pointing to any domain by age and helps find out if links are built on an aged domain in a short period, or if it was built over time. 

They also offer link alerts that send email notifications with newly discovered links. It also shows you which countries link to given domains. The LIS distribution shows how many high or low LIE domains link to a domain. 


The tool shows you the following-

  • Domain rating and URL rating
  • Quantity of backlinks and external links
  • Determine ranking in search engine
  • Number of referring domain
  • OpenLinkProfiler Rank
  • Determine authority metrics
  • Traffic
  • Estimated organic traffic
  • Links to target
  • Total followed links and more. 

Pricing: They offer Free Backlink checking to everyone.

6. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo's backlink analysis tool helps you find backlinks to a specific page. It makes it easy to see where a domain or specific URL's backlinks are coming from. It also helps monitor social shares and engagement. 

It also acts as a backlink builder for blog posts and helps clean up your URLs and find future backlink possibilities. It helps monitor the backlinks to your entire domain, and you remove the unsavory links. 


According to G2, these are the features of BuzzSumo-

  • Report Exporting
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Post Performance
  • Social Measurement
  • Influencer Identification
  • Social Reporting

Pricing: Not all plans offer Backlink analysis. Those that do are the Content Creation Plan which allows 5 users unlimited searches for $249, The Suite Plan for $499 which allows 10 users unlimited searches and the Enterprise plan for $999 a month which allows 30 users unlimited searches.

7. Ahrefs


Ahrefs offers a powerful backlink checker. It is the second most active web crawler after Google, which means they have a solid backlink database. Their backlink index is updated with fresh data every 15 minutes. 

It helps you see actionable and insightful domain and page-level metrics for any target, including the number of referring domains, number of backlinks, domain rating, and Ahrefs rating. 

It also helps monitor the growth and decline of backlink profiles and provides a complete breakdown of the target's profiles. In the report, you can see every page linking to your target, and you can use powerful filters for diving deeper. 

It shows estimated organic traffic to each linking page and referring domain and gets insights into the popularity of the linking web page and website with organic traffic estimates. 


  • Monitor the growth and decline of backlink profiles.
  • Get a complete breakdown of the target's backlink profile.
  • See estimated organic traffic to each linking page & referring domain.
  • See all websites linking to your target with domain-wide metrics.
  • See the most linked to pages and more. 

Pricing: Lite is priced $99 per month. Standard, which offers you six months' history, is priced $199 per month. Advanced offers you 2 years worth of history for $399. Enterprise delivers  Unlimited History for $999.

Links are imperative for the success of your blogs. You can use these tools to keep tabs on your own link profile and to spy on competitors to find link opportunities that would help grow your site.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can! Just type in the URL of your target site and click on ‘check.’ It will show you all of the domains that are linking back to your target site. How many links does it take to rank? The exact number varies by niche and industry, but generally speaking, more links mean better rankings.

You can use the tool to get a complete overview of your link profile. To do this, simply enter the URL of your website in the box above and click on “Check links.” You will then see a list of all backlinks pointing to that page as well as some additional information about them.

We recommend using Ahrefs or Moz for this. You can also use Google Search Console but it’s quite limited in what it shows you. I’m worried about my site being penalized for using these tools.

The answer is no; you won’t get penalized by Google if you use these tools. These are all free SEO tools, and they don’t require any kind of login details or sensitive information to work.

There are many tools that you can use to find link opportunities, but if I had to pick one, it would be Ahrefs. It’s an all-in-one tool that gives you everything you need for finding and analyzing links.

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