Dianomi Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Dianomi is a native advertising platform that helps publishers maximize the value of their inventory at scale without compromising the competitive advantage of first-party owned and operated data. Their proprietary algorithm uses context to optimize campaign targeting to pages of content based on the best engagement metrics.

Dianomi Features and Capabilities

Dianomi works to increase your yield across all platforms by:

  • Trusted advertisers: Working directly with trusted, brand-safe advertisers relevant to your audience
  • Different ad formats: Utilizing IAB, bespoke native, social, podcast, and video formats to grow your audience
  • Different platforms: Offering solutions across all publishing platforms: desktop, mobile web, publisher apps, mobile AMP, and social
  • Seamless delivery: Ensuring seamless delivery and reduced latency issues.

Dianomi Payment Info

Dianomi pays publishers via the following methods: Wire Transfer, Check, PayPal, and Payoneer. 

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Dianomi Key Facts

Dianomi is a native ad platform that helps publishers monetize 100% of their inventory with their ‘always on’ premium demand,  delivering quality ads across every page impression. 

Dianomi Site Type Monetized

Dianomi offers native advertising for the premium lifestyle, business, financial, and corporate verticals.

Dianomi Publisher Eligibility

Dianomi does not have any traffic requirements that publishers have to meet to start monetizing. 

Dianomi Revenue Share

Dianomi collects payments from the advertisers, retains their share, and pays the remaining to the publisher. The revenue share is 30-70, where the publisher earns 70% of the revenue.

Dianomi Ad Formats

Dianomi helps publishers grow their revenue with the following native ad formats:

  • Video ads
  • In-article ads
  • In-feed ads.

Dianomi FAQ

Dianomi works with over 300 premium publishers, including Reuters, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Wall Street Journal.

Dianomi operates on the CPC model.

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