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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Engageya is a lightweight advertising and content discovery tool for publishers and media companies. It enables them to increase consumer engagement, offer new monetization opportunities, and increase page views. In order to maximize ad income possibilities, the platform also assists users with optimal inventory control and facility management. Furthermore, customers may rely on the zero-maintenance widgets for native advertising placements that provide an instant revenue stream.
These features collectively boost website traffic and client engagement levels in record time. Engageya provides users with a significant increase in impressions and clicks throughout their whole publisher inventory. This also allows them to meet the increased demand for native advertising. The platform enables publishers to tailor the widgets to their own requirements. Furthermore, a reporting dashboard within the same provides customers with customizable functionalities based on the brand's particular requirements.

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EngageYa Features and Capabilities

  • By incorporating the zero-maintenance widget into your content pages, you instantly activate a new money source for your website.
  • They empower publishers to handle their native ad inventory autonomously and maximize their ad income potential.
  • Their fully customizable and low-maintenance widget generates appropriate content recommendations that integrate seamlessly into your content pages.

EngageYa Payment Info

Publisher will issue invoices to Engageya on a monthly basis, after the end of the month during which the ads were shown.

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EngageYa Key Facts

  • EngageYa helps publishers increase on-page monetisation and experience traffic uplift.
  • Their fully customisable and zero-maintenance creates relevant content recommendations that integrates on your content pages.
  • You immediately switch on a new revenue stream for your website by adding the zero-maintenance widget to the content pages.

EngageYa Ad Formats

EngageYa offers an excellent platform for native content advertising.

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