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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Fluid Player, an open-source HTML 5 video player is a great way to monetize your video content for free. Lightweight and fully compatible, it allows features such as CTA and Live Stream video ads. The recent update to the codebase has led to a significant improvement in code quality and enhanced player stability. Fluid Player supports the VAST and VPAID standard and comes with its own customizable design that also has the ability the use the browser's default layout.

You can use Fluid Player to promote your brand and connect with your audience in real-time, building engagement through live stream video ads to increase your revenue.

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Fluidplayer Products

  • Player Buider: It helps you easily customize Fluid Player while tracking your changes in real-time. You can cut and paste the code created in the code generator box to insert it into your website.
  • Live Streaming ads: Provides higher eCPMs for publishers
  • Subtitles: To help your audience understand the content of your site’s videos
  • Virtual Reality Support: This allows both publishers and advertisers to experiment with VR content/ ad formats, supporting monoscopic videos with 360-degree or cardboard view.

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Fluidplayer Features and Capabilities

  • Player Builder: Helps customize Fluid Player while tracking changes in real-time in the video player. 
  • Secure: Compatible with video advertising industry standards VAST and VPAID.
  • Integration: Allows integration with their WordPress plugin and CDN-hosted player.
  • Manipulation: Allows multiple subtitles and captions, a custom logo and a number of properties post initialization.
  • Support: Offers video streaming support for MPEG-DASH and HLS streaming protocols.
  • Free: It’s completely free and open source on GitHub
  • Custom HTML Banner Option: This shows when the video is on pause, as an ad text message in the top right corner of the video screen
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Fluidplayer Key Facts

  • Fluid Player is easy to integrate, with out of the box video monetization tools, allowing more than 1 player per page, and features lots of customizable keyboard shortcuts.
  • It has advanced VAST and VPAID capabilities and comes with its own design, which is easily customizable to your site’s style.
  • The formats supported are m3u8, MPEG-DASH, HLS, MP4, and VR.

Fluidplayer Ad Formats

Fluid player offers the following ad formats:

  • Pre, mid and post-roll in-stream video ads
  • LIVE Streaming ads
  • Custom HTML banner when the video is on pause, ad text message in the top right corner of the video screen
  • VAST non-linear banner in-video ad overlay with image insertion (gif/jpeg/png) during video playback

Fluidplayer FAQ

Yes, their player accepts .mpd and .m3u8 files, each of them using a specific type of script.

This option is not switched on by default, but can be enabed.

Publishers can put the player inside a container of their choice and make it adapt to this container. Publishers can determine the size of the video player by adding ‘controls style’ next to the ‘video’  element and specify the width and height of their choice. 

No. The source element must be either a file in your server or a URL pointing to a video/streaming file.

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