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Fluidplayer Description

Fluid Player is a free open-source HTML 5 video player. The recent modernization of the codebase has significantly improved the code quality and improved player stability. It helps live stream video ads to promote brands and connect with the audience in real-time and achieve engagement.

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Fluidplayer Features and Capabilities

Fluidplayer Ad Formats

Fluid player offers the following ad formats:

Fluidplayer Faq

No. The source element must be either a file in your server or a URL pointing to a video/streaming file.

Publishers can put the player inside a container of their choice and make it adapt to this container. Publishers can determine the size of the video player by adding ‘controls style’ next to the ‘video’  element and specify the width and height of their choice. 

This option is not switched on by default, but can be enabed.

Yes, their player accepts .mpd and .m3u8 files, each of them using a specific type of script.