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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Known to the best CPM ad network to optimize website for maximum revenue, Mahimeta gives the comfort that huge ad networks might miss. Mahimeta provides the publishers with an in-house developed pre-violation shield. 

Mahimeta is known to constantly improve their system or software every other day.with the experience of over 15 years, Mahimeta is a Google Channel Partner that provides premium add from Google. They primarily works with ads on VOD and livestream players. 

Quick Facts
High CPMs
Multiple Formats

Mahimeta Features and Capabilities

  • Helps maximize your inventory revenue and introduces new opportunities to increase revenue streams via their Dynamic Ads solution
  • Offers a premium plug-and-play video solution that receives and showcaseshowcases original, topic-specific video content with in-stream programmatic advertising
  • Detects pre-violation to protect publishers from getting banned through the advance proprietary optimisation technology
  • Builds the right platform to manage your ads by creating a custom video player: flash, html5 video player, or WordPress plugins

Mahimeta Payment Info

Mahimeta makes payment on Net50 terms, i.e. the payment for January will be made on the 20th of March. The payments are made via PayPal and WireTransfer. 

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Mahimeta Key Facts

  • A CPM ad network, Mahimeta is also a certified Google Channel Partner that provides premium ads from Google
  • Known as one of the best video ads solution, they provide ads on VOD and live stream to maximize revenue from video inventory
  • Mahimeta also offers services of an advance development consultant and builds it as one time service. 

Mahimeta Ad Formats

Mahimeta helps you maximize your revenue via it's various supported ad formats which include:
  • Banner Ads, and
  • Video Ads. 

Mahimeta FAQ

Yes, their publisher solutions detect pre-violation to protect our publishers from getting ban through advanced proprietary optimization technologies, analysis management tools and services.

Mahimeta providea a premium plug-and-play video solution that receives and showcases original, topic-specific video content paired with in-stream programmatic advertising from the world’s leading demand sources.

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