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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Global advertising platform OpenX provides publishers, buyers, and developers with the tools to grow their companies. At OpenX, they think that by letting the market know what is occurring during the purchasing process, transparent marketing programmatic technology can increase industry confidence in digital advertising. By giving publishers and advertisers a greater knowledge of what happens behind the scenes, our product suite helps put an end to mistrust.

The most creative publishers on the web have chosen OpenX as their ad-serving solution. Numerous websites utilize OpenX to monetize their content, and according to our most recent estimate, our exchange serves more than 2 million different visitors each month. With the greatest assortment of demand sources and inventory in the world, the OpenX platform gives the ad tech industry real-time access to all screens and devices through an open API.

OpenX Features and Capabilities

  • The only open-source ad-serving platform with the world's largest selection of demand sources and inventory.
  • Real-time access to all screens and devices via an open API.The only open source ad serving platform that is scalable from small to enterprise. Offers flexibility and control for publishers, advertisers, and agencies
  • The only open-source ad-serving platform with a robust brand safety solution. Achieved best-in-class results against all major brand safety standards.
  • The only open source ad serving platform that is built for speed, reliability, and scale, with an ad-serving platform that offers an enterprise-grade solution for publishers, advertisers, and agencies.
  • The only open-source advertising technology with a robust brand safety solution to protect your business from fraudulent inventory.

OpenX Payment Info

OpenX pays publishers within 60 days of the end of each calendar month, and the payments are made in US dollars. OpenX has to owe you a minimum of USD 100 to process any payments. 

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OpenX Key Facts

OpenX's Bidder is a high-yield header bidding solution. It connects publishers with a powerful programmatic marketplace, which immediately helps them experience increased competition from premium brands. The results are dynamic bids and smart decisions to help optimize the value of each impression.

OpenX provides 900+ premium app publishers access to budgets from 11K+ advertisers and 135+ DSPs. The OpenX Mobile Ad Exchange generates 300B+ bids per month.

The benefits of direct buys executed programmatically – with audience syncing and volume guarantees

OpenX Publisher Eligibility

OpenX requires publishers must have at least 50 million page views every month. 


OpenX specifies media placements and positions provided by publishers to advertisers.

OpenX has been a leader in quality efforts across the industry. They are a founding member of TAG, a member of its Leadership Council, and a TAG Trust Champion in 2019. They have completed several certification programs, all with independent validation from BPA.

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