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Advertising Disclosure

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Pubwise is a programmatic platform known for its patented optimization technology and expertise in header bidding management to enhance performance for publishers. Also, the platform fosters growth through enhanced access to premium demand sources, optimizing revenue potential for publishers. Their platform features Radical Observability™, offering comprehensive visibility and connectivity across the digital advertising supply chain. 
By simplifying programmatic ad management, PubWise aims to maximize revenue efficiently. Their Smart Path Optimization Technology® (SPOT), driven by machine learning, significantly boosts publisher revenue and reduces bid volumes. PubWise emphasizes transparency throughout the digital advertising supply chain, empowering users to achieve higher revenue through efficient programmatic ad management.

Quick Facts
Quick Setup
High CPMs
Header Bidding Tech
Prebid Member
Google Publishing Partner
Excellent Client Service

PubWise Products

  • Prebid Adapter: They enhance inventory value by providing access to unique demand from their direct sales and other prominent sources. Their configuration process is quick, straightforward, and seamlessly integrates with any prebid wrapper.
  • Header Bidding Wrapper: They provide access to the industry's most sophisticated header bidding management, analytics, and optimization platform, allowing publishers to unlock their full monetization potential. Publishers can choose to manage it independently or opt for their managed wrapper solution for seamless operations.
  • Google AdX: They increase competition and generate more targeted ads at higher CPMs by facilitating access to Google AdX through their role as a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) with Multiple Customer Management (MCM).

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PubWise Features and Capabilities

  • Easy Implementation: They provide easy integration with a single line script for your site, managing all aspects without requiring manual configuration. Additional configurations can be accommodated as per specific needs.
  • Custom Configuration: They invest time in understanding your business to develop a tailored solution, incorporating ad units, identity solutions, adhesion ads, viewable refresh, lazy load, adblock recovery, sticky units, and video, optimizing for your unique requirements.
  • Flexibility: They offer flexibility in using either publisher’s own Google Ad Manager (GAM) and demand partners or theirs, ensuring ad units are always aligned with user’s preferences. 
  • Enterprise Ready: They are designed for websites with multiple users needing data sharing, API access, exports, and customized reporting capabilities.
  • Patented Optimization: They utilize Smart Path Optimization Technology® (SPOT) for timeouts, bidder selection, flooring, analytics, and additional features, enhancing publisher revenue potential and optimizing performance in digital advertising.
  • Revenue Maximization: They enable publishers to access major demand sources and increase yield through direct sales teams and unique demand offerings, maximizing revenue potential for their inventory.
  • Advanced Analytics: They specialize in Prebid and header bidding analytics, offering dedicated support and unified reporting to enhance transparency and optimize performance for publishers.
  • Radical Observability: They provide maximum transparency by controlling the supply chain end-to-end, ensuring publishers earn higher revenue for their valuable audience and content.
  • No Risk: Their high client retention rate reflects straightforward integration, competitive pricing, and advanced monetization technology, which ensures satisfaction and encourages long-term partnerships with publishers.
  • Superior Support: They provide a dedicated success manager who consistently identifies optimization opportunities and offers support to ensure publishers maximize their potential.

PubWise Payment Info

Pubwise disburses payments to publishers on the 10th of every month upon receipt of funds from their demand sources.

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PubWise Key Facts

  • Pubwise offers Radical Observability™ to provide transparency across the digital advertising supply chain.
  • Pubwise utilizes patented Smart Path Optimization Technology® (SPOT) to enhance publisher revenue by up to 65%.

PubWise Geos Served

Serves globally.

PubWise Publisher Eligibility

Pubwise‘s publisher eligibility criteria requires publishers to have a minimum of 100,000 monthly visitors or 300,000 monthly pageviews. This threshold ensures sufficient data for the optimization process to begin effectively and provides a strong foundation for scaling website revenue, benefiting both parties.

PubWise Revenue Share

Pubwise's revenue share can range between 70-85%, depending on traffic volumes and services provided. Typically, ad monetization services retain 15-20% of the total publisher revenue. Despite this, publishers often see at least a 30% increase in revenue, and if this target isn't met, negotiations may be considered.

PubWise Ad Formats

Pubwise offers a diverse range of ad formats for efficient monetization. These include:

  • Display Banner Ads: Access various high-impact ad sizes with technology enabling auto-refresh based on viewable impressions, maximizing visibility and engagement.
  • Video Ads: Boost website engagement through high-impact video content embedded within or around online videos, capturing viewers' attention and delivering advertiser messages effectively.
  • Native Ads: Generate additional revenue with ads that seamlessly integrate into the content, matching its look, feel, and function, ensuring a non-disruptive user experience.
  • Sticky header ads: Sticky header ads remain visible at the top of the webpage as users scroll, ensuring continuous ad exposure and engagement.
  • Interstitial Ads: Full-screen ads occupying the entire app interface, providing high-impact exposure but potentially interrupting user engagement.
  • Rewarded Video Ads: Offering users incentives such as app rewards, these ads encourage engagement by providing benefits in exchange for interacting with the advertisement.

PubWise FAQ

Results typically appear within days after placing the PubWise script on your site, as partners come online. Once live, bids and paid impressions start promptly.

PubWise stands out with its machine learning algorithms and patented optimization technology. Moreover, they accommodate non-traditional ad units and behaviors such as lazy loading, adhesion ads, ad block recovery, and video formats. All these features help publishers to optimize their revenue effectively.

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