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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Readwhere Ad Exchange is an Indian vernacular advertising network that helps non-Hindi/English publishers monetize their content effectively. They support publishers across all languages, sizes, content types and publishing genres. They work directly with brands and agencies on various high-return CPM and CPC campaigns. Their high-return campaigns maximize returns for your website, mobile, and tablet inventory. Readwhere is a certified Adsense and Google Publishing Partner. As an online reading and publishing hub, Readwhere offers top-quality content optimized for reading on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

Quick Facts
Google Publishing Partner

Readwhere Advertising Exchange (RWADX) Products

Some of the products and solutions that Readwhere AdX offers are:

  • Content Recommendation: To retain your site's audience, enhance advertiser engagement, and increase revenue through content suggestions.
  • Vernacular Exchange: RWADX is the only Google partner in India that helps vernacular publishers utilize their platform to display ads and generate revenue.
  • Automation Testing: Lower bounce rates, more page views and higher revenue through machine learning algorithms.
  • RWADX Mobile Solution: Cross-device solutions in display, mobile, and video. Develop AMP, PWA and native apps on iOS and Android with custom designs and layout for mobile user engagement.
  • Programmatic Selling: A new advertising model that automatically connects publishers with top media buyers, to help publishers with ‘Preferred Deals’’ with fixed CPMs or Private Auctions with higher floor prices with multiple buyers.

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Readwhere Advertising Exchange (RWADX) Features and Capabilities

  • Visitor Retainment: Helps you keep visitors on your website for longer durations, through content recommendations. 
  • Machine Learning: To test your web assets' most essential components automatically, resulting in lower bounce rates, better page views, and increased conversions.
  • Champions Regional/Vernacular Content: RWADX as a Google publishing partner in India helps multiple regional publications access their platform for displaying advertisements and generating income.
  • AdSense Optimization: RWADX can help you enhance your earnings on your AdSense account, with various website optimisations to ensure that only relevant and high-quality ads run on your website
  • Double Click for Publishers (DFP) Management: DFP allows publishers to efficiently manage their advertising inventory, deliver ads to their websites or apps, and maximize revenue through various ad formats and channels.
  • Google AdExchange: If you require more control and flexibility over the ads that are being displayed on your website, then Google AdExchange is the ideal choice for you.
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Readwhere Advertising Exchange (RWADX) Key Facts

  • Readwhere AdExchange (RWADX) was born out of a need to enable vernacular publishers to monetise their sites and platforms effectively.
  • They work with many of India’s largest publishers, to help them deliver world class content experiences and maximize their earning potential.
  • RWADX's partnership with Google extends their reach, helping be a one point contact for their publishers to monetize their content.

Readwhere Advertising Exchange (RWADX) Geos Served

Readwhere primarily serves the Indian subcontinent, helping regional/vernacular publishers monetize their content via relevant ads.

Readwhere Advertising Exchange (RWADX) Ad Formats

Readwhere is an online reading and publishing hub that offers quality content optimized for reading on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

Readwhere Advertising Exchange (RWADX) FAQ

Becoming a Google Certified Publishing Partner is a vetted process, and not all platforms meet the criteria. Selecting a platform that is a GCP Partner can offer several advantages for publishers and website owners, including access to premium demand, ad quality vetting, exclusive analytical insights and certifications.

The term "vernacular" refers to the native language or dialect spoken by a particular group of people in a specific region. Vernacular advertising aims to connect with and engage audiences who are more comfortable and responsive to advertising content in their native language or dialect rather than in a more widely spoken or standardized language.

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