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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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ReklamUp is a globally recognized Google MCM partner that offers comprehensive Google AdX and Google Ad Manager services. They specialize in boosting revenue for mobile apps and games through various ad formats such as banners, native ads, videos, interstitials, rewarded videos, outstream, in-read, in-app, and standard display. As a Google Ad Exchange (AdX) and Ad Manager partner, ReklamUp offers comprehensive solutions for managing and optimizing ad inventory.
With over a decade of expertise in publisher monetization, they collaborate with brands, media buying agencies, and publishers worldwide. ReklamUp provides a complete solution with Google Ad Manager, focusing on app mediation, open bidding, optimization, and header bidding. They enhance revenue and eCPMs through innovative ad layouts and effective monetization strategies. They effectively monetize diverse inventory types, including video ads, standard display banners, interstitials, and rewarded videos, ensuring optimal performance across games and apps.

Quick Facts
Quick Setup
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
High CPMs
Multiple Formats
Global Fill Rates
Header Bidding Tech
Google Publishing Partner
Excellent Client Service

ReklamUp Products

  • Higher eCPMs via Google Ad Exchange Demand: ReklamUp boosts eCPMs by leveraging premium demand from Google Ad Exchange (AdX).
  • More Revenue with Open Bidding Partners: They enhance revenue potential through partnerships with open bidding networks.
  • A Reliable Partner in App Mediation Waterfall: ReklamUp ensures a reliable partnership within the app mediation waterfall.
  • Google Ad Manager (DFP) Integration: They ensure seamless integration with Google Ad Manager (DFP) for streamlined ad operations.
  • Header Bidding Technology and Integration: ReklamUp incorporates advanced header bidding technology to optimize ad auction efficiency.
  • App Mediation Technology and Integration: They offer robust app mediation solutions to maximize ad performance across multiple networks.
  • Ad Layout Optimization: They optimize ad layouts to improve engagement and increase ad revenue for publishers.

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ReklamUp Features and Capabilities

  • Easy Set Up: ReklamUp simplifies the process by creating ad units based on your desired placements and floor prices, ready for you to integrate effortlessly.
  • App Mediation: ReklamUp offers app mediation, functioning as header bidding for mobile apps, using Google Ad Manager for both Android and iOS without requiring an SDK.
  • High CPM: They provide free app mediation consultancy to help maximize eCPMs and ARPDAU (Average Revenue Per Daily Active User).
  • Header Bidding: ReklamUp’s header bidding technology delivers the highest-paying ads in real-time by accessing multiple ad networks and exchanges.
  • Technical Support: ReklamUp provides dedicated technical support to address and resolve any platform-related issues.

ReklamUp Payment Info

ReklamUp offers easy payment terms with NET 30 days for their services.

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ReklamUp Key Facts

  • ReklamUp provides free consultancy to optimize app monetization, aiming for higher eCPMs and ARPDAU for publishers.
  • ReklamUp offers advanced ad mediation capabilities, leveraging header bidding technology to maximize publisher revenue without requiring SDK integration for Android and iOS apps.

ReklamUp Geos Served

Serves globally.

ReklamUp Publisher Eligibility

ReklamUp‘s publisher eligibility criteria requires publishers to have a minimum of 100,000 monthly visitors or 300,000 monthly pageviews. This threshold ensures sufficient data for the optimization process to begin effectively and provides a strong foundation for scaling website revenue, benefiting both parties.

ReklamUp Revenue Share

ReklamUp's revenue share can range between  70-85%, depending on traffic volumes and services provided. Typically, ad monetization services retain 15-20% of the total publisher revenue. Despite this, publishers often see at least a 30% increase in revenue, and if this target isn't met, negotiations may be considered.

ReklamUp Ad Formats

ReklamUp offers a diverse range of ad formats for efficient monetization. These include:

  • Display Ads: Standard banner ads in various sizes that fit seamlessly into web pages, providing a balance between visibility and user experience.
  • Instream ads: Instream ads are video advertisements that play within a video player, typically before, during, or after video content
  • Outstream ads: outstream ads are video ads that appear outside of a video player, often embedded within articles or other non-video content.
  • Reward Video Ads: Offer players incentives such as in-game currency or bonuses in exchange for watching video ads, providing a non-intrusive way to monetize gameplay.
  • Banner Ads: Non-intrusive ads displayed within the game interface, providing a continuous revenue stream without disrupting gameplay.
  • Interstitial Ads: Full-screen ads displayed at natural breaks in gameplay, offering high visibility and engagement opportunities for advertisers.
  • Video Ads: High-impact ads that play within video content or as standalone units, available in formats such as pre-roll, mid-roll, and outstream, engaging users with dynamic content.
  • Native Ads: Ads that blend seamlessly with the look and feel of the content, enhancing user experience while maintaining high engagement and click-through rates.

ReklamUp FAQ

App mediation serves as the header bidding equivalent for mobile apps. ReklamUp, a mobile ad mediation ad network, utilizes Google Ad Manager for Android and iOS apps, eliminating the need for an SDK.

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