Traffic Nomads Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Traffic nomads is a self-service ad network that helps publishers monetize their traffic. Publishers can send their traffic and access worldwide demand for their extensive network of advertisers with competitive CPC or CPM rates. They cover all the verticals from the more mainstream to every niche across all devices. 

Traffic Nomads Features and Capabilities

  • Global coverage: This brings you traffic from all over the world and a high fill rate.
  • Reporting: Offers comprehensive and real-time reporting.
  • Simple integrations: Helps integrate easily and you just have to simply sign up and tell them about the website, create direct zones and choose the most suitable way to send traffic.

Traffic Nomads Payment Info

Traffic nomads offer various payment methods like wire transfer, Paypal, credit card, and more. The minimum amount to charge your account is USD 50.

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Traffic Nomads Ad Formats

  • Pop ads
  • Native ads
  • In-page push ads
  • Banner ads

Traffic Nomads FAQ

Campaign approval usually takes less than 30 minutes and campaigns start receiving traffic shortly thereafter. The review process is not suspended during the weekend.

You can track conversions and manage your CPA and CPL campaigns by implementing an S2S postback.

TrafficNomads accepts advertisers from all kinds of verticals, and, unless your landing page and/or ad goes against their regulation, you are free to promote it.

Yes, they have millions of unique push notifications users and a huge volume of in-page push ads from their own websites. You can get this traffic by choosing “Premium” in the traffic type and the CTRs are usually much higher since we control the base to ensure it’s not saturated. If you want to target these users you can do that in their platform by selecting the format you’re looking for and choosing “Premium” in the traffic type. Influenced by the format selected, the most frequent verticals are: Casino Sweepstakes E-Commerce Dating Crypto VAS Nutra Apps & Utilities

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