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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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As a burgeoning programmatic ad tech company, Zippor Media's reach currently spans globally, allowing publishers to optimize their monetization abilities through endless data streams. The company's innovative approach to ad-serving takes into consideration more than 50 different variables compiled with external data to deliver user-oriented ad experiences, which can translate to more revenue for publishers. Zippor's ad formats are optimized for all screens, with their most popular format being video ads, with zero latency and high publisher demand. The network's other specialties include Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Display Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, Performance, Technology Solutions, Campaigns, Marketing, Networking, Trading, Site Promotion, Data Targeting, IP Targeting, Audience Buying, and Custom Targeting.

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Zippor Media Features and Capabilities

  • Brand Safety: Zippor's comprehensive monitoring tools protect user experiences and user safety by avoiding non-compliant traffic to optimize the ad viewing experience.
  • Global Reach: The network spans its reach globally, offering exclusive deals and through direct partnerships with some of the most prominent brands.
  • High Fill Rate: They provide a 100% fill rate for advertisers, ensuring that your inventory is completely utilized as a publisher.
  • High-performing Video Ads: Zippor's most popular video ad format has zero latency with high publisher demand.
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Zippor Media Publisher Eligibility

As a publisher, you should have a minimum of 100k monthly visitors or 300k monthly pageviews. This entry level publisher traffic threshold is often recommended for a certain level of data to kick in for the optimization process to get started. Also, this threshold can benefit both the parties as this is a good starting point for scaling the website revenue. 

Zippor Media Revenue Share

Publishers who are willing to work with Zippor Media can expect a flat or tiered revenue share of 70-85% depending on their traffic volumes and services offered. Most ad monetization services usually take a cut in the range of 15-20% of the total publisher revenue. However, the publishers can still see a minimum of 30%+ guaranteed revenue uplift, and if the same is not attained; a negotiation should be initiated. 

Zippor Media Ad Formats

  • Video Ads: One of Zippor's specialties is Video Ads. They are partnered with over 500 publishers, leveraging their technology to boost monetization for publishers while enhancing user engagement for advertisers. The network's unique tools overcome the challenges of user experience to protect your audience while serving relevant ads.
  • Display Ads: This is essentially a blanket term for image/video ads of all shapes and sizes.
  • Contextual Ads: Contextual ads are a type of advertising that uses the content of a webpage to determine what ads to show. 
  • Mobile Ads: These are a type of advertising specifically designed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.