6 Best Website Personalization Tools In 2023 (Free + Paid)

Last Updated: September 1, 2023
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Advertising Disclosure

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Website personalization tools can greatly enhance your marketing endeavors by offering valuable insights into visitor behavior, enabling the delivery of content that is relevant and engaging. Through customized landing pages, personalized product recommendations or targeted promotions, personalization can improve customer loyalty and increase user engagement, ensuring that customers receive content and offers that truly resonate with them. The goal of effective personalization is to create a more relevant and engaging experience for visitors, which may ultimately result in higher conversion rates and a competitive edge in the market. Here are 6 of the best website personalization tools for you to consider in 2023 (Free + Paid):

  • 6 Best Website Personalization Tools In 2023 (Free + Paid)
    • 1. Personizely
    • 2. Convertflow
    • 3. Coveo Qubit
    • 4. Optimizely
    • 5. Monetate
    • 6. Dynamic Yield
    • The Bottom Line

1. Personizely

Personizely is a website personalization tool that focuses on creating individualized experiences for visitors by helping businesses deliver tailored content. This easy-to-use platform helps capture potential leads and boost sales through its versatile widgets and targeted popups. Incorporating a widget is an easy and effective way to extend your website’s capabilities and enhance your marketing endeavors, which in turn maximizes conversion rates. Its on-site editor is simple to use and gives you full freedom of design, making it a good option for experienced as well as first-time users. While it does not have a free version, Personizely offers a 14-day free trial without a credit card for you to decide if it is a good fit for your needs.

Key Features:

  • Comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder that requires no coding skills
  • Offers a variety of widgets to cover your campaign, marketing and promotional needs.
  • Includes robust integrations to optimize marketing efforts and streamline workflow
  • Offers in-depth analytics to analyze your goal conversion rates and A/B test your campings to make educated decisions.

Pricing: Personizely’s Essential Plan starts at $39/ month, offering 10,000 monthly visitors, unlimited widgets and third-party integrations among other features. The Premium plan starts at $59/ month and includes A/B Testing and priority support along with other benefits. There is a Business plan for $389/ month for enterprise grade businesses, offering up to 100,000 monthly visitors.

2. Convertflow

Convertflow is a powerful tool for creating and managing customized website experiences, displaying the right message to the relevant visitor, at the right time, all without coding. Generating custom popups, sticky bars, and full-page overlays tailored to specific audiences or segments is fairly easy with this tool. Convertflow is highly effective in increasing conversions and capturing leads on your website, ensuring that customers receive content and offers that truly resonate with them. The platform offers a limited free plan for you to test its basic capabilities before subscribing to a paid version.

Key Features:

  • Its easy-to-use editor is accessible to varying skill levels, making it highly user-friendly
  • Sophisticated targeting capabilities based on a variety of criteria, such as referral source, location, behavior and cookies
  • Personalized call-to-action features for returning customers
  • A/B Testing to determine performance metrics
  • Intuitive analytics and reporting to assess conversion rates or engagement
  • Comes with robust integrations, including CRM

Pricing: ConvertFlow offers a Free plan. All its paid plans include a 14-day free trial to test the capabilities of the tier. Their Build plan starts at $39/ month for 10,000 monthly visitors, going up to $300/ month for the Pro plan, for 100,000 monthly visitors.

3. Coveo Qubit

Qubit’s AI-driven solutions provide highly relevant responses, offers, and recommendations to customers, to personalize e-commerce experiences. The platform, now a part of Coveo, allows relatively easy visitor segmentation for targeted messaging and promotions. Qubit excels at advanced suggestions and feedback, making it a reliable support and communications platform to try new ideas or test out old ones through their A/B Testing and Experimentation features. That said, it does not have a free plan and you might have to contact the sales team to check if they offer a free trial.

Key Features:

  • Qubit is good at building targeted experiences and display relevant content to increase conversions
  • Great A/B test ideas based on both quantitative and qualitative evidence
  • Uses standard coding and styling languages like Javascript and CSS
  • Offers automated machine learning tactics like product recommendations and social proof for effective merchandising 
  • Excellent customer support with hand-on resolutions

Pricing: Coveo Qubit’s Enterprise Plan offers omnichannel search, recommendation, and content personalization, supporting 200k queries per month and machine learning among other benefits. Pricing is available on request.

4. Optimizely

Optimizely is a digital experience platform that integrates the power of machine learning and human expertise, delivering tailor-made content that resonates. Its reliable statistical insights are great for application testing, making the process of experimentation and predicting customer behavior intuitive and efficient. The platform features a simple, user-friendly interface, you rarely have to know anything about CSS or coding to access its functionalities. Optimizely does not have a free plan, you might have to contact sales to check if they offer a free trial.

Key Features:

  • Excellent experimentation platform with an efficient UI
  • Blends machine learning and human expertise to deliver relevant content
  • Powerful analytics tools to optimize your marketing strategies
  • Simple and easy-to-measure performance metrics through A/B testing
  • Offers natural language processing to dynamically target visitors
  • Helps tailor experiences anywhere on your site using pre-built algorithms

Pricing: The pricing for Optimizely’s bundled offerings, such as Content Marketing Platform (CMP), Content Management System (CMS), Web Experimentation among others is available on request.

5. Monetate

Monetate is a website personalization tool that combines testing and targeting capabilities with AI-powered personalization solutions, allowing businesses to use data and machine learning algorithms to analyze customer behavior and preferences in real time. The platform is easy to use and thus it is very quick to get non-experts building experiences without coding or developer knowledge. Monetate does not come with a free plan or a limited trial.

Key Features:

  • It is a popular e-commerce personalization platform with several awards and an extensive user base
  • Excellent machine learning capabilities and product recommendation algorithm
  • Sophisticated testing and experimentation features to help businesses test ideas prior to rolling out
  • Offers strategic onboarding & ongoing consulting and technical guidance
  • Simple UI and helpful tech support

Pricing: Monetate’s plans and pricing are available on request.

6. Dynamic Yield

Dynamic Yield is a leading platform that helps deliver personalized, optimized, and synchronized experiences to e-commerce, retail and other digital businesses. Through A/B testing, real-time analytics, conversion tracking and other comprehensive features, this popular software helps you deliver contextually relevant content in accordance with user behavior, to enhance customer experiences. Dynamic Yield is built for scale and offers enterprise-grade personalizations with top security and GDPR compliances to meet the needs of established businesses. 

Key Features:

  • Offers advanced behavior and preference tracking to enhance user experience
  • Leverages real time data to launch hyper-relevant messages
  • Provides native A/B testing for content and campaigns
  • Easily understandable visual representations and data analytics
  • Requires little to no coding expertise 
  • Provides a library of templates with flexible customizations

Pricing: It is common practice for software service providers to make their pricing available on request. For further information we recommend contacting their sales team. 

The Bottom Line:

In conclusion, website personalization tools come with individual strengths and highlights to meet specific business needs. The best website personalization tools offer the flexibility to optimize onsite experiences in different ways for different audiences, according to location and demographics. The goal of personalization is to create a more relevant and engaging experience, increasing user satisfaction and ultimately driving conversions and sales.


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Yes, through targeted messaging, behavioral analytics and A/B testing, data driven insights allow you to make informed decisions about optimizing your content and offers for higher conversions.

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