The 7 Free Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Last Updated: August 24, 2023
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Advertising Disclosure

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In this fast-paced world, website visitors prioritise convenience and speed regarding communication or support. Your website visitors will expect real-time replies to their queries rather than resorting to emails. Live Chat plugins allow you to integrate chat windows in your website so that they can ask anything and swiftly receive assistance from your communications and support team.

Through the Live chat widget for WordPress, your users step into the world of instant messaging. This results in them getting instant replies from service agents and is thus a user favourite. Additionally, most WordPress live chat plugins are natively integrated with an API or via an API and have several other essential tools, such as automation platforms, CRMs, and knowledge bases.

Here are the top 7 free live chat plugins for WordPress, which bring you several benefits apart from their primary service.

  • The 7 Free Live Chat Plugin for WordPress
    • 1. Tidio
    • 2.
    • 3.
    • 4. Jivochat
    • 5. Chatra
    • 6. Hubspot Live Chat Software
    • 7. SmartSupp

The Top 7 Free Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

The live chat widget for WordPress helps users connect with your service agents and communicate with them instantly. Below given are some of the best WordPress chat box plugins that provide cost-effective and reliable solutions and boast many features for your benefit.

1. Tidio

Tidio is an AI-boosted user service platform that provides hands-on support with helpdesk and live chat. With the conversational and adaptive Lyro AI, instantly reply to all user queries. Lyro AI solves minor user problems in the best possible way leaving your service team to work out the complex tickets. Tidio live chat service is now used by 160+ USA-based websites and boasts 290+ five-star reviews. Tidio smoothly integrates with ecommerce tools and platforms in a matter of minutes.

Key Features:

  • Tidio live chat enables you to track user activity across your website and check what pages they are browsing on your website. You also get unlimited chat conversations and a customisable interface of the chat window or popup chatbot. 
  • Based on their activities, Tidio engages website visitors by offering personalised discounts.
  • Boost lead conversion by using pre-built chatbot templates and ensure less percentage of cart abandonment.
  • You can come up with greetings for first-time visitors and returning users. The adaptive AI can also recommend products and discounts based on their browsing activity. 
  • Tidio lets you find all your live messages through various channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, email, and Messenger in one panel. 
  • Turn as many conversations into tickets as you want and assign them to the right customer-facing team members.
  • Analyze conversation-related data and user ratings on support to better your services. 

Pricing: There are several pricing options. A free plan that allows only 3 operators. The Starter pack is $29 per month. The Communicator plan is $25 per month and operator. Chatbots package with $29 per month. Tidio also offers a chatbot and communicator joint package that sums up the amount of the two individual packages. Tidio’s personalised plan amounts to $394 per month.


With, a free WordPress chat box plugin, you can chat and track your website visitors and reply to their tickets. You can create an efficient helpdesk and organize your contacts to make it smooth for the users to help themselves through your chatbot. All these services are 100% free. boasts the highest number of installations among the other WordPress plugins. This customizable live chat plugin offers the website owner premium features at zero cost. 

Key Features:

  • Track your visitor activity in real time and locate what they are searching for on your page.
  • Monitor all your chat conversations and which team member interacted with which user.
  • Get updated about user behaviour and be there for them.
  • Access to customer data also lets you assign the users to the right team members.
  • Set up a free personalised knowledge base for your team and customers so that both can benefit from it. 
  • also supports 45+ languages and helps you send group messages and filter them.
  • conversations are encrypted. It allows file transfer and even service agent-to-agent communication. You can answer as many chat conversations as possible simultaneously. 

Pricing: is a free live chat software. 

3. is a one-stop messaging platform that brings together data, conversations, teams and knowledge to one place. Your service agents are free to collaborate within one inbox, which helps them improve service efficiency. lets you boost customer relationships and grow your email list alongside successful lead conversions. The distinctive feature of Crisp.Chat feature is its shared inboxes wherein you can integrate SMS inbox, WhatsApp inbox, telegram, messenger, and line shared inbox. also works as an email collaboration tool. It helps you with several automated assignment rules, template answers and reminders. 

Key Features:

  • This free plugin involves real-time live chat and chatbot and is available across mobile and desktop.
  • The shared inbox feature of the WordPress chat box plugin comes with the benefits of automated task assignments and setting up chatbot scenarios.
  • With, you can set up conversations with customers all across social media. 
  • This live chat plugin for WordPress can help you monitor every minute metrics such as reports on messages received and sent, chat triggers and user ratings to analyze customer satisfaction.
  • offers a well-equipped auto-responding system with a human touch. 
  • lets you route conversation to suitable service agents and lets you craft replies based on the visitor’s choice of layout.
  • also offers an AI-powered replies option by collaborating with ChatGPT. 

Pricing: Crisp.Chat is free of cost for personal websites. This plan lets you interact with your website visitors to know their preferences. The Pro plan charges $25 per month per workspace. This plan is for startups and can be shared with 5 accounts. $95 per month is made for companies looking for full-fledged guidance with customer relationships.

4. Jivochat

With its live chat feature, Jivochat helps you engage with your website visitors and convert them into customers. Jivochat’s live chatbot is fast and efficient. It allows online businesses to form good customer relationships through guided communication. Jivochat services are concentrated in an omnichannel mobile app that offers support through various social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. You can use the Jivochat option for optimizing sales too. Chatting is a great way to know in detail about the website without having to navigate too much. Jivochat enables your service agents to use that to their advantage. They help the website visitor through the website and then pass on the potential customer to the operator. 

Key Features: 

  • The proactive chat invitation feature hooks the users to the website, causing them to stay online and explore website services.
  • The Chat window helps users quickly send texts to the chat window with the help of suggested phrases that pop up while they are using the feature.
  • Through Jivochat, you can collect user contacts and socials to spread out your consumer base.
  • You also receive Google Analytics integration with this WordPress chat box plugin.
  • Jivochat also works in mobile apps and uses all communication channels, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and other popular social media apps.  
  • You can also share your conversation with other agents when you need help. 
  • Track user activity and check user preferences to facilitate the conversation. This lets you have an edge over your competitors.

Pricing: The Basic plan is free of cost. It is mainly for personal website owners.The Professional plan gives you advanced features. It costs $19 per month per agent. The Enterprise plan is for companies with 10 or more agents. It costs $39 per month per agent when it is billed annually. 

5. Chatra

Chatra provides a chatbot that helps you answer questions quickly and presents solutions in seconds. Chatra’s multichannel messaging features are a massive bonus as they enable you to expand your customer base to more than just emails. You also get a multichannel dashboard for messaging your customers in various social media apps. Do not leave any stone unturned and convert as many website visitors to consumers with these exclusive Chatra features as detailed below.

Key Features:

  • Monitor website visitors and precisely what they are doing on your website to improve the conversation.
  • Chatra uses the browsing history of website visitors to greet potential customers with a warm welcome.
  • Chatra collects data with consent and then helps you use them in marketing campaigns.
  • You can also provide a quick link to Frequently Asked Questions to assist your users better. Chatra automates some of the FAQs, so you do not have to spend time on it.
  • Chatra uses proactive chat, a brilliant tool for minimising bounce rates and maximising sales. 
  • Chatra also provides you with a complete conversation history and a chat and email transcript. You also get agent names, file transfers, and chat ratings so you can improve on any suggestions. 
  • Chatra is integrated with Google Analytics, WordPress, WooCimmerce, Shopify and many others. 

Pricing: Chatra's free plan only provides one agent and is a free feature. The essential plan costs $17 per month per agent. The Pro plan is $23 per month per agent.

6. Hubspot Live Chat Software

With Hubspot Live Chat Software, you are ready to provide your customers the proper support to close as many deals as possible and convert them into your customers. With the  Hubspot Live Chat Software features, you can lead your consumers to the right service agent and use chat automation to deliver solutions quickly and efficiently. You can provide real-time help to consumers and guide your buyers through any queries they might have. 

Key Features:

  • This live chat widget can be customized to fit the look and feel of your website. 
  • You can create welcome messages and target consumers based on their browsing activity on your page. 
  • This chat plugin uses AI to take care of repetitive tasks and removes your labour. Automate answers to commonly asked questions and engage the user while you connect them with an agent.
  • The live chat tool of Hubspot is integrated with a chatbot builder that comes free of cost and is easy to set up with no coding required.
  • You can access all chat conversations based on the data stored in the universal inbox on the free CRM of Hubspot. This gives you any necessary info and clarity on situations.
  • Book meetings, respond to chats, send emails, make calls, and create support tickets - with your all-in-one  Hubspot Live Chat Software. 
  • Use the Hubspot mobile app Slack for free to converse with your buyers when you are out of the office. You can also set chat office hours so your website visitors know when you are available. 

Pricing: The live chat feature for small offices costs $24 per month, providing a 60-day chat history and customization. The Team plan costs $49 per month and provides many advanced features. The business plan offers pro features at $69 per month. 

7. SmartSupp

SmartSupp offers you the perfect toolkit for engaging your customers. You can now access SmartSupp live chat, leadGen chatbots and more, which will automatically help you to drive sales. The Live Chat option of SmartSupp is AI-powered and offers a perfect blend of human and AI support. Ranging from rapid responses to upselling products, SmartSupp is an apt Live chat widget for WordPress that takes care of these essentials. Save your time and resources by making your chatbot be there for your customers 24/7 and ease your workflow as it automates much of the labour. 

Key Features:

  • Use Live Chat to get your text messages across several channels in a single dashboard.
  • Improve your conversion rates by quickly responding and multitasking visitor conversations with your all-in-one chatbot.
  • Your chatbot is also integrated with Facebook and Messenger to engage your customers in as many social platforms as possible.
  • After connecting your email with your webchat, you can receive notifications of everything you have missed.
  • The Live chat widget is customizable and increases brand awareness. Create a contact form with the help of SmartSupp and get reliable information on quality leads.
  • Use visitor data and insights to improve your service. All the data about visitors and visitor conversations are stored.

Pricing: The Free plan provides 100 conversations daily and is best for trying out Live chat features. The Standard plan costs 19.5 USD monthly and offers unlimited conversations for three months. The Pro plan costs 48 USD monthly, lasts 3 years and can be shared among 3 agents. The Ultimate plan features and pricing are tailor-made.

The above-listed WordPress live chat plugins can be installed manually or with the help of a pre-built plugin, which is easy enough to configure for even non-developers. Once the widget is installed, you can manage, track, and reply to live chats. Chatbots are usually available 24/7 to support consumers and use a lot of automation tech to ease the workflow. These chatbots not only help in assisting consumers but also help in ramping up sales by upselling products. They also help you view visitor data and organise everything in one dashboard for easy viewing. 


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You can integrate a chatbot in simple steps. First, you need to click on the “Plugins” option on your WordPress dashboard, where you will find an “Add new” option. Then, Search for the plugin you want to add. Install and activate the WordPress live chat plugins.

The most efficient free live chat plugins for WordPress are all listed above, each with unique features.

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