7 Best Alternatives to AdMixer

If you wish to monetize your content, then you are probably on the hunt for ad networks to partner with. While donation blocks, launching products and services, and paid subscribers are ways to gain revenue from your content, many of us still prefer to sell inventory to ad networks. Such ad networks, like AdMixer, then connect with brands to get us relevant ads ranging from PPC to affiliate ads. 

AdMixer is one of the most popular platforms for publishers looking to sell their inventory or trying to find ad networks. They offer global reach, smart selling and optimization of your space, as well as ad formats that can go up on several devices ranging from DOOH to desktop. 

Yet, despite all it offers, there is always a need for alternatives that fulfill those needs which AdMixer cannot address.

Why Do You Need Admixer Alternatives?

While most publishers and advertisers love AdMixer, some find it confusing. There is also a 30-day window to payments aka publishers like you are paid every month, which some may find inconvenient. To solve these issues, we have selected a set of alternative ad networks and SSP platforms for you.

How to Choose the Best Admixer Alternatives?

Publishers must keep several things in mind when choosing an AdMixer alternative. To ensure that your ads are relevant, revenue is steady, and your SSP is effective, focus on the following:

  • Keep your target demographic in mind: Unless you have traffic, you cannot generate revenue by either selling traffic or ads. Not only should publishers have the ability to choose ad formats which serve their audience, they should also consider the language and reach offered. After all, AdMixer provides global reach and smart selling, which no alternative should compromise on. Another thing to ensure is that you have control over the ads shown on your content, so that nothing objectionable that could ruin your credibility or ethics, or user experience is promoted using your content. 
  • User Experience: User experience is of utmost importance when monetizing a website. Banner blindness and ad blockers can only be combated by contextual and helpful ads. So prioritize that.
  • Revenue: Since you are selling inventory to generate revenue, it is imperative that you look at the revenue options on offer, and how much income you can expect. Types of ad formats and income stream offered should be considered.
  • Audience Size and Niche: Choose a monetization partner or AdMixer alternative that is known for working in your niche and with your audience size for the best experience. Even when selling ad space, ensure that it is sold to brands that work within your niche to get relevant ads. 
  • Payment Methods: Ensure that the payment methods offered work for you, especially with the laws in your country. For example, working with PayPal can be a tough nut to crack in India. 
  • Service and Support: AdMixer is known for their excellent support team. Ensure that any alternative does not compromise on this. Another important factor to consider is the partner’s user interface. Ease of UI ensures you can have a long term partnership. 

To sum up the above, your content monetization goals can get difficult to meet with the wrong network. If you feel AdMixer isn't serving your needs to the best of your expectation, do check out alternatives keeping in mind your specific requirements and criteria.

SmartyAds Ad Exchange is a programmatic ad marketplace platform designed to cater to the needs of publishers and supply partners.

Adform flow is a global, independent, and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing.

AdPushup is a solution for revenue optimization that raises publishers' CPMs and CTRs in order to maximize their ad revenue. They achieve this, among other things, by automating A/B testing for publisher-side ad layout optimization. 



Sulvo is a programmatic ad server that delivers on-target metrics on revenue and engagement. Their containers prevent revenue loss by recapturing adblock visits, serving special formats, and maximizing auction participation by including as many of your buyers as possible. Sulvo simplifies the process of bringing together all of your buyers, including Ad Manager / AdX, Adsense, Amazon, Relābe, and all Prebid-compatible demand.

CafeMedia and AdThrive have been amalgamated into Raptive, which is a new kind of company that transforms creators into global brands and lasting businesses. For creators, they become your strategic partner that is equipped with expert advice, similar strategies, ad management, tailored technology, and inspired opportunities across all aspects your business.

MonetizeMore is a rapidly expanding ad tech company that has established itself as one of the industry leaders in ad revenue optimization. The platform offers a range of tools and solutions to publishers to maximize revenue from digital advertising.

Frequently Asked Questions

With the increase in digital advertising, user experience has taken a nosedive. Frustrated by ads, more and more of your audience is turning to ad blockers. Add to that banner blindness or the ability to just not register an ad. All of this reduces your chance to get a sizable revenue by methods such as PPC or pay-per-sale. To beat this, helpful and relevant ads are a must.Without these, even PPC may fail for the audience might skip your website and go for other creators. Hence, in 2024 it is necessary you pick relevant, non-intrusive and helpful ads.

While AdMixer offers a free plan, there are also paid plans which provide you with ad networks, traffic exchange, and other services such as selling of ad space. As publishers, there are several ways for us to monetize our content, and should we choose to go with ads, ensuring that options like header bidding, smart selling, and such are available to us ensures we generate a sizable revenue.