The Best Adsterra Alternatives List for Publishers

Adsterra provides publishers with a platform to monetize their traffic through various ad formats, advanced targeting options, real-time analytics, timely payments, and dedicated support. It offers a global reach and the potential to generate revenue from diverse advertising campaigns.

The network provides a user-friendly interface, real-time statistics, and dedicated account managers to assist both advertisers and publishers in optimizing their campaigns and maximizing their revenue or conversions. It offers various advertising formats, including display ads, pop-unders, direct links, push notifications, and more.

Why do Publishers need Adsterra alternatives?

Publishers may consider exploring Adsterra alternatives for several reasons becuause it too has its share of drawbacks:

  • There is no web support channel, so getting resolution of the issues will be a slight problem
  • The CPM rates vary in different countries, so you could get high CPMs for some geos and very low for some.

By exploring Adsterra alternatives, publishers can discover new opportunities, improve their monetization strategies, and find networks that better meet their specific needs and preferences.

A direct Adsterra alternative, Adoeprator is an intelligent, programmatic self-serve platform and it is an easy solution to make your ads profitable.

Along with affiliate services, Propellerads also offers display, native, video, and smartphone ads. PropellerAds claims to offer the highest CPM rates in the industry with eight years of experience and having worked with over 150K publishers. An alternative for Adsterra, PropellerAds gives you access to exclusive audience and helps you scale user acquisition.

An excellent alternative for Adsterra, AdMaven is a leading direct traffic ad network, selling +5 Billion daily impressions across multiple formats and monetizing over 10k publisher websites, worldwide. This publisher platform offer high level of ads with minimum intrusiveness and accurate reports.

PopCash is a popunder network that helps you maximize your revenue. An alternative of Adsterra, PopCash helps you maximise your revenue with its fast approval and payments. It offers a 80% revenue share and hourly updated reports.



EvaDav is a customer-focused native advertising network that offers cutting-edge services to publishers and advertisers that are all connected through a single platform. It offers the highest performance for marketers and incorporates native advertising and push notifications, two of the most promising areas for advertising formats.

An Adsterra alternative, Clickadu is a digital advertising network for web and mobile channels with excellent expertise, unique capabilities, and experience in revenue maximization for publishers. They offer a user-friendly self-serve platform with a toolkit to ensure automation and fast campaign moderation.

HilltopAds is an advertising network that offers different kinds of monetization opportunities to website owners. It accepts all websites with both mainstream and non-mainstream content and their offers reach all users as they maintain 100% fill rate.

An Adsterra alternative, ClickAdilla is a high-technology self-serve ad network platform that provides you with a way to increase your profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider factors such as ad formats offered, revenue models, targeting options, reputation, payout rates, customer support, and the network's suitability for your niche or audience. Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and test multiple alternatives to determine which one best meets your specific requirements.

Yes, in most cases, you can use Adsterra and its alternatives simultaneously as long as it doesn't violate the terms and conditions of either network. It allows you to compare performance and optimize your revenue by leveraging multiple networks.