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Adsvictory Description

AdsVictory helps publishers skyrocket their ad revenue with premium ads. With a lot of experience, their expert team knows how to customize ad formats and other things to increase your revenue. Publishers will have more than 30 SSP partners bidding on your site. 

AdsVictory’s team of experts will always try their best to increase your revenue. It offers both buys and sell-side ad operations and technology with the capacity to work over international timelines offering a fast turnaround and emergency support.

Adsvictory Features and Capabilities

Adsvictory Payment Info

They operate on a net 30-day payment model, and the payment is processed via Bank Transfer, PayPal etc.  

Adsvictory Key Facts

Adsvictory Publisher Eligibility

To be approved by AdsVictory, your website must be at least three months old and must have a minimum of 100,000 views monthly. Other than that, you need a minimum of 10,000 installs on Google Play Store and daily active users or installs from Play Store. 

Adsvictory Revenue Share

AdsVictory works on a 90:10 revenue share model where publishers get 90% of the revenue, and they keep 10% as a charge for the services they provide. 

Adsvictory Faq

For approval, you need a website that complies with all the necessary terms and conditions. They do not support any illegal or adult content and self-ad clicks or forced-ad clicks or bot clicks are not allowed. Apps need to be genuine and must be publishers on Google Play Store and must not contain any integrated VPN/Force Clicking Ads/Self Clicking Ads or such.

They review websites within 24 hours and after that, you need to add ads.txt on your website. Then they will send your website for approval. The entire process shall take almost a week.

Publishers can get their earning report on their dashboard after your site starts earning. But., if you cannot make at least 0.5 USD daily, you would not get the report.