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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Ampliffy serves as a comprehensive platform for advertisers, video creators, and publishers, facilitating targeted online marketing, content management, and revenue generation for digital audiences aged 14 to 35. The platform offers a robust video solution tailored for publishers seeking to expand their audience, particularly targeting a youthful demographic. Content spans various topics like news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more, optimizing site appeal and revenue. By integrating video content and pre-roll in-stream video ads, Ampliffy enables publishers to enhance their user experience while tapping into new advertising revenue opportunities.

This platform is especially beneficial for publishers with active sites lacking video content or sufficient pre-roll ad inventory targeted at young audiences. Ampliffy transforms publishers' sites into short video linear TV channels for young viewers, thereby boosting audience engagement and video advertising revenue. By analyzing site and audience demographics, Ampliffy delivers engaging video content aligned with viewers' interests, ultimately increasing user engagement and session duration, thereby maximizing revenue potential through advertising.

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Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
High CPMs
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Ampliffy Products

  • High-Quality Video Content: Receive engaging video content tailored to the preferences of younger audiences, ensuring enhanced user engagement on your platform.
  • Copyright Management: Gain full rights to publish the provided video content, eliminating concerns regarding copyright infringement and legal issues.
  • Video Player Compatibility: Ensure seamless viewing experiences for your audience across desktop and smartphone devices with a compatible video player.
  • Enhanced Site Performance: Benefit from additional storage and bandwidth to improve the audience's experience on your site, reducing loading times and increasing user satisfaction.
  • Ampliffy Control Panel: Monitor real-time daily advertising revenue through the intuitive control panel, facilitating informed decision-making for content optimization and revenue maximization.
  • Easy Implementation: Implement Ampliffy's solutions effortlessly with plug-and-play functionality and copy-and-paste coding solutions, eliminating the need for complex coding and technical expertise.

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Ampliffy Payment Info

Advertising income will be split between Ampliffy and the publisher, which will be collected within the next 60 working days.

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Ampliffy Key Facts

  • Ampliffy boosts user engagement with high-quality video content, increasing time spent on page by up to +39%.
  • Experience up to +54% increase in session RPM, enhancing revenue streams for publishers.
  • Achieve extensive video advertising monetization coverage, reaching up to 70% of the population in most countries.

Ampliffy FAQ

Video content is an effective tool for increasing user engagement and session duration on websites, ultimately leading to improved revenue potential through advertising.

Ampliffy conducts in-depth analysis of publisher sites and their audience demographics to deliver engaging video content aligned with viewers' interests.

Ampliffy provides a wide range of content covering topics such as news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more, ensuring publishers can cater to diverse audience interests.

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