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PusHub Description

PusHub is a demand-side platform that helps publishers monetize their content effectively. It grants effortless access to valuable and converting users. With a  variety of ad formats and a quality user base, PusHub helps fill your inventory. With years of combined data and analysis capabilities, PusHub is the right place to monetize effectively.

PusHub Features and Capabilities

PusHub offers various features to publishers. These are:

  • Integration: Allows you to seamlessly integrate with our inventory using all industry-standard methods: RTB, XML, JSON, and API.
  • New page/domain redirect: Helps reach engaged users with landing page creatives that open in a new or live user page.

PusHub Payment Info

PusHub makes payments to publishers for all uncontested amounts within net sixty (60) days from the end of the month in which such revenues have been reported and collected.

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PusHub Ad Formats

PusHub offers various ad formats to help you meet your campaign needs:

  • Push 
  • Pop
  • Native 
  • Banner.