Streamlyn Media Description

Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Focused on publishers, Streamlyn media provides various programmatic monetization products and services. Using the solution, publishers can increase their ad revenue with their header bidding, contextual video content, innovative ad formats, audio content and more. 

More than 300 publishers have user Streamlyn Media and maximized revenue without negatively impacting the user experience. What sets the platform apart is their exclusive range of ad tech products and well-rounded approach. Publishers get improved and transparent ad revenue optimzation solutions to maximize their yield.

Quick Facts
Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
Global Fill Rates
~ $100 Payment Threshold

Streamlyn Media Products

Streamlyn Media gains extra ad revenue without negatively impacting user experience using its following solutions:

  • Header Bidding: Streamlyn is responsible for the setup and implementation of Header Bidding,  which helps publishers connect their inventory to demand sources and hence get higher CPMs.
  • Monetization Solutions: Streamlyn is a unified ad revenue optimization platform for publishers that helps maximize ad revenue.
  • Video Solutions: Streamlyn helps develop premium video content for your website and the native ad formats can help you leverage the power of video ads.
  • Insightful Console: The flexible intuitive platform brings various ad formats like Text, Text with Image, Video and more with tools to analyze the revenue.
  • Single Dashboard: The platform offers a single dashboard which consolidates all your online advertising data and insights to help you make informed decisions. 
  • Yield Optimization: The platform enhanced publisher’s revenue using innovative yield optimization technologies, reporting services and management tools.
  • Proprietary Technology: Programmatic Optimization Engine and Anti-Fraud Algorithm is their proprietary technology that helps ensure that the ads are seen by the right audience. 

Streamlyn Media Features and Capabilities

  • Helps double the revenue: The all-in-one platform helps publishers earn more ad revenue without ruining user experience.
  • Access to premium demand: The platform provides publishers access to premium demand and removes the hassle of pitching and negotiation.
  • Better eCPM: The platform boosts the bid value for each impression and combines human expertise, industry-leading tactics and advanced advertising technologies. 
  • Supercharge ad revenue: The platform helps generate sustainable revenue with lesser effort while maximizing ad sales and streamlining all processes. 
  • Adblock recovery: Publishers can recollect revenue normally lost to adblockers.
  • Management of ad operations: The platform takes responsibility of running ads, campaign optimization, media planning and reporting to generate results focused on quality and efficiency.

Streamlyn Media Payment Info

Publishers are paid on Net 30 day basis with the minimum payout threshold being set at USD 100. The payment method offered is Wire Transfer. 

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Streamlyn Media Key Facts

  • Streamlyn was founded in Bengaluru, India and is a dynamic ad company that uses proprietary technology to help publishers monetize thier content.
  • Streamlyn offers monetization solutions across all devices and formats with advanced reporting to help you enhance efficiency and optimization capabilities. 
  • Publishers partnering with Streamlyn get access to dedicated account managers who assigns them throughout with on-boarding to daily ops support and technical troubleshooting.

Streamlyn Media Geos Served

Globally serves ads. 

Streamlyn Media Publisher Eligibility

A publisher must have at least a minimum of 100k monthly visitors or 300k monthly pageviews. This is an entry-level traffic threshold that is often recommended for a certain level of data to kick in for the optimization process to get started. Also, this threshold can benefit both the parties as this is a good starting point for scaling the website revenue. 

Streamlyn Media Revenue Share

As a publisher, you would have to give 5% of your ad revenue to Streamlyn as their fee.

Streamlyn Media Ad Formats

Streamlyn offers varying ad formats to help you monetize your content:

  • Video: Helps engage your audience with rich video ads with customized content.
  • Display:  Provides a cost-effective way to reach your audience accurately while driving more leads to boost your brand.
  • Web stories: Offers mobile-focused and visually attractive web stories to help the audience explore more content.
  • Native: Shows ads that are relevant to the content of your site to help drive traffic and revenue.
  • Audio: Offers a distinct audio experience and helps publishers monetize content with it.

Streamlyn Media FAQ

Streamlyn takes a 360-degree approach to provides all rounded solutions to publishers who wish to increase their revenue.

Streamlyn does not negatively impact user experience. It designs separate ad layouts for different devices and only works with ads that have good viewability and no inappropriateness.