Newor Media
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Newor Media Description

A professional ad management solution, Newor Media provides publishers with ad monetization technology to maximize their earnings using AI, with insightful reporting, analytics, and a team of Ad Ops experts ready to help. They offer header bidding ad units for your to use and a team of professionals you can work with to make the most of your banner ads. 

Newor Media Features and Capabilities

Newor Media offers a suite of features that helps publishers:

  • Increased revenue: Offers real-time algorithmic bidding and machine learning to maximize revenue.
  • Dedicated partnership: Offers strategic help in placement and balancing user experience.
  • Relationships: Has strong relationships with all the major networks and agencies.
  • Trusted service: Offers friendly payments and customer service.
  • Fast-loading ads: Offers ads that are optimized for lightning-fast load time with little to no impact on site speed. 
  • Algorithmic RTB and machine learning: Combines cutting-edge header bidding with highest-yielding networks to increase earnings. 

Newor Media Payment Info

Newor Media pays you what you are owed based on the number that has been calculated at the end of each month. They pay either by Paypal, Payoneer, or direct wire transfer on a Net30-day payment cycle.

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Newor Media Key Facts

Newor Media is a programmatic ad management company that provides you with ad units and does all the heavy lifting to maximize your revenue. 

Newor Media Faq

Newor Media supports all standard IAB ad sizes, including dynamically sized units.

Newor Media has a 24-hour out clause.

Newor Media cannot integrate into a third-party bidder, so they do require their units to be directly on the page. They also cannot run on the same page as other header bidding ad techs. However, they do not require exclusivity against direct sales or AdSense.

Yes, they have a fully functional reporting dashboard offering daily impressions and revenue.