6 Best CPM Ad Networks in Bangladesh

Last Updated: April 18, 2024
Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Any publisher who gets a sizable amount of daily traffic can make money by using a CPM model to monetize their content. The term "CPM" (cost per mile) refers to cost per thousand impressions, meaning that the publisher receives a set payment each time an ad receives a thousand impressions. CPM networks typically pay $1 to $10 for each thousand impressions. This means that choosing a CPM ad network in Bangladesh requires careful consideration. Publishers benefit greatly from ad networks because they maximize revenue by gathering ad inventories and selling them to advertisers. The top CPM ad networks in the Bangladesh are provided below, and they can help you boost your revenue significantly.  

  • 6 Best CPM Ad Networks in Bangladesh
    • Why Do Bloggers in Bangladesh Need CPM Ad Networks?
    • 6 Best CPM Ad Networks in Bangladesh
    • 1. Setupad
    • 2. iZooto
    • 3. PropellerAds
    • 4. Clickadu
    • 5. Adgebra
    • 6. Mgid
    • 7. How to Choose the Best CPM Ad Networks in Bangladesh?
    • 8. The Bottomline

Why Do Bloggers in Bangladesh Need CPM Ad Networks?

In return for a tiny commission on the money made, ad networks are in charge of selling publishers' ad inventory. Ad networks can save you time, show targeted ads, and provide support while monetizing your website. Publisher-advertiser interactions can become very time-consuming. It offers additional advantages as well.  

  • Diversified Income Streams: CPM ad networks provide bloggers with an additional income stream, complementing other monetization models like CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPA (Cost Per Action).
  • Stable Revenue Model: With CPM, bloggers receive predictable earnings for every thousand ad impressions, irrespective of clicks or conversions. This stability is particularly appealing to bloggers seeking consistent revenue.
  • Global Exposure: Many CPM ad networks have a global reach, allowing Bangladeshi bloggers to tap into international advertisers. This global exposure can significantly expand the revenue potential.
  • Credibility and Brand Visibility: Partnering with CPM networks often exposes bloggers to reputable brands, enhancing their credibility and potentially attracting more advertisers.

7 Best CPM Ad Networks in Bangladesh

Here are some of the best CPM ad networks in Bangladesh for publishers. Take a look at them:-

1. Setupad

Setupad's innovative header bidding technology connects your inventory with 25 demand sources, including AdX, SSPs, DSPs, and direct deals, making it simple for publishers to get started in this market. When compared to networks, this technology alone ensures a 300% increase in earnings. With a thorough user interface and a quick, cloud-based infrastructure, it is among the top CPM ad networks in Bangladesh. 

Key Information:

  • With Setupad's advanced ad refresh mechanism, you can optimize your CPMs in Bangladesh by having viewable advertising updated based on user behavior.
  • Their in-the-moment ad blocking software ensures consistently high-quality advertisements while shielding your website from intrusive ones. 
  • It is easy to maximize your CPM through Setupad's intelligent ad refresh algorithm, which refreshes viewable ads based on user behavior.
  • Their real-time blocking software safeguards against malicious ads and ensure premium ad quality across your site.
  • Setupad's prebid.js auto-template streamlines management of demand partner adaptors (SSPs and DSPs), optimizing the library selection for each user.
  • Setupad's ad formats include in-view ads, sticky ads, instream video ads, lazy loaded ads, interstitial ads, static banner ads and rewarded ads.

2. iZooto

Over 15,000 publishers across the globe rely on iZooto as their go-to platform for audience engagement and CPM advertising. By employing different push alerts, it aids in audience retention and turns AMP site visitors into audience members. In general, it assists you in achieving all of the main goals you have as a publisher, such as growing your marketing list, understanding your audience, and making it simple for users to interact and earn money.  

Key Information:

  • Using iZooto, publishers can grow their revenue with push notification monetization and increase their opt-in rates by 12-15%. 
  • Allows you to integrate iZooto with Wordpress in just one click and convert your AMP visitors to audience 
  • Helps send push notifications that have been automatically composed for your audience 
  • Allows you to schedule notifications on a given time or on some recurring basis for user engagement to be on autopilot
  • Offer advanced targeting to help target users in accordance with the interests, behavior, device and location

3. PropellerAds

Claiming to offer the highest CPM rates in the industry, with eight years of experience and having worked with over 150K publishers, PropellerAds' proprietary algorithms enhance user and advertiser matching, optimizing the overall experience, serving as both a publisher ad network and a self-serve portal for advertisers to build and design their advertising campaigns. PropellerAds user-friendly software helps publishers effortlessly generate and insert ad codes.

Key Information:

  • PropellerAds is a multisource advertising platform with a more than one billion global audience to help reach new uses and grow business.
  • PropellerAds claims to monetize 100% of online traffic through its global advertiser pool, including advertisers who may want to target a certain native language audience 
  • With CPA Goal, auto rules and multiformat campaign you can pick a desired automation level - from 0 to 100%.
  • Publishers may monetize ad block users with Propeller Ads' Adblock Bypass.
  • Their sales and support teams work 24/7 to help users globally.

4. Clickadu

Clickadu is a digital advertising network that offers the best solution for your website monetization and is one of the best CPM ad networks in Bangladesh, offering some of the most competitive CPM rates. Their network offers 360° monetization capabilities within one place, so you can maximize your revenue no matter what GEOs or kind of traffic you have on your website. It offers seven advertising formats, a 100% fill rate, and high demand for traffic. With more than 3300 active publishers, Clickadu is one of the biggest ad networks there is. 

Key Information:

  • It was earlier focused on just one kind of ads but now offers various formats like popunder, in-stream video, in-page and push ads.
  • It is one of the best ad networks for verticals like games,dating, app and desktop downloads, and ecommerce
  • Offers CPMs starting at 0.001 $ for native ads
  • Clickadu is a consistently growing network that generates huge numbers of impressions on a daily basis.
  • Offers various high-performing ad formats.

5. Adgebra

Adgebra, a global adtech platform established in India, aims to champion the vernacular language ad-tech domain by making internet advertising language agnostic and accessible, which makes is one of the best CPM ad networks in Bangladesh. The company has rapidly evolved in a decade to reach 500 million unique users, serving over 30 billionn native, rich media and video ads each month through its 2000+ premium publisher network. As a multilingual native ad platform, Adgebra empowers businesses to connect, engage and win the trust of billions of consumers, serving ads in 10 different regional Indian languages. 

Key Information:

  • Serves clean and genuine ads that are filtered by a stringent review process to maintain the quality of advertisers.
  • Adgebra’s serves regional language ads that match the ad language of your site’s content to ensure better readership, engagement, relevance, and higher revenue generation.
  • They provide a range of powerful ad formats like native, rich media, and video ads to boost revenue opportunities.
  • Adgebra provides real-time insights and 100% transparent reports on crucial details on earnings.
  • You can simply integrate with 100+ custom responsive Ad widgets and AMPs.

6. Mgid

Mgid is one of the best CPM ad networks in Bangladesh and a global native advertising platform that enables advertisers and publishers to effectively promote their content across multiple devices and channels. The platform offers a range of advertising solutions, including native performance advertising and programmatic advertising. The network is immune to adblocks and helps you scale revenue.

Key Information:

  • Mgid offers a range of ad formats, including native ads, video ads, and mobile ads, that are designed to engage users and drive results.
  • It uses advanced optimization algorithms to ensure that ads are displayed to the right audience at the right time, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.
  • Provides detailed analytics and reporting tools that enable advertisers and publishers to track their campaigns' performance and optimize their strategies accordingly.
  • MGID has a global reach of over 850 million unique visitors per month.
  • MGID provides publishers with optimization tools and recommendations to help them improve their ad performance and revenue.

How to Choose the Best CPM Ad Networks in Bangladesh?

Selecting the top CPM ad networks in Bangladesh is crucial for you because it will determine how much money you actually make from the campaigns you manage. It will affect both how much money you make and how people view your website. Here are a few things you should definitely think about:- 

  • Local and Global Reach: Seek CPM ad networks with both local and global reach to ensure a diverse pool of advertisers targeting your audience.
  • Ad Quality and Variety: Assess the quality and diversity of ad formats provided by the networks. Opt for those offering visually appealing and non-intrusive ads.
  • Competitive CPM Rates: Compare CPM rates offered by different networks. Choose networks with competitive rates that align with your blog's niche and audience.
  • Transparent Payment Terms: Examine payment terms, frequency, and minimum payout thresholds. Transparent and timely payment processes are essential for a positive partnership.
  • Advanced Targeting Options: Select networks offering advanced targeting options. This allows you to customize ads based on user demographics, interests, and behavior.
  • Control Over Ad Placements: Ensure the network provides control over ad placements on your website. This control helps maintain a positive user experience and aligns with your content.
  • Robust Reporting and Analytics: Look for networks that provide comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Real-time data access enables you to track performance and optimize your strategy.

The Bottomline

The top CPM ad networks in Bangladesh are included here, and they have the power to significantly increase the revenue from your website. Before focusing on any one of the ad networks listed above, make sure you use them effectively and test them to make sure they meet the needs of your website.  


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Frequently Asked Questions

Advertisers use CPM ads to create strong following and brand recognition. It helps them create an identity.

CPM ad networks pay publishers for every thousand impression, i.e. when the ad has been seen a thousand times and CPC ad networks pay when the ads have been clicked on.

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