7 Best CPM Ad Networks in India for Publishers

Last Updated: October 17, 2023
Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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Cost Per Mille (CPM) ad networks in India offer publishers an opportunity to monetize their website traffic through display advertising. The "best" CPM ad networks may vary depending on your specific needs and the type of content you have on your website. Choosing the best CPM (Cost Per Mille) ad network in India can be a crucial decision for publishers looking to monetize their website traffic effectively. To make the right choice, consider the following factors:

  • Niche Relevance: The ad network should cater to your website's niche. For instance, if you run a technology website, look for ad networks that serve tech-related ads. Relevant ads are more likely to attract clicks and generate higher CPM rates.

  • Ad Formats: Consider the variety of ad formats the network offers. Some ad networks specialize in display ads, while others provide video, native, or interactive formats. Choose the one that aligns with your audience's preferences and your website's design.

  • CPM Rates: Compare the CPM rates offered by different ad networks. While higher CPM rates are attractive, also consider other factors like fill rates and ad quality. A network with a high CPM but low fill rate may not necessarily be the best choice.

  • Payment Terms: Understand the payment terms, including the payment threshold, frequency (e.g., monthly, net-30, net-60), and payment methods (e.g., PayPal, wire transfer). Ensure these terms are suitable for your financial needs.

  • Ad Quality: Check the quality of ads provided by the network. Irrelevant or low-quality ads can harm the user experience and drive visitors away from your website. The network should have policies in place to ensure ad quality.

  • Reputation and Trustworthiness: Research the reputation and credibility of the ad network. Look for reviews and testimonials from other publishers. Be cautious about networks with a history of delayed or non-payments.

  • Ad Viewability: Choose an ad network that places a premium on ad viewability. High viewability rates are essential for CPM earnings, as advertisers often pay for ads that are seen by users.

  • Support and Communication: Good customer support is essential. You may need assistance with ad integration or have questions about your earnings. A responsive support team can be invaluable.

  • Test Multiple Networks: Don't be afraid to test multiple ad networks simultaneously. Split your website's traffic and compare the performance of different networks to find the one that generates the highest earnings.

Keep in mind that what works for one website might not work for another. It's essential to regularly monitor the performance of your chosen network and make adjustments if necessary. Ultimately, the best CPM ad network for your Indian website should offer a balance between high CPM rates, ad quality, and user experience.

  • 7 Best CPM Ad Networks in India
    • 1. iZooto
    • 2. AdPushup
    • 3. Setupad
    • 4. Monetizemore
    • 5. Vdo.ai
    • 6. Adgebra
    • 7. Sulvo

1. iZooto

iZooto is a solution for owned audience marketing that uses push notifications as a channel to assist publishers in building, owning, and engaging their audience. With the help of iZooto, publishers can control their audience and rely less on Google and Facebook. To encourage recurring visitors and increase the revenue from their current display advertising, publishers connect their audience with targeted and automated alerts. Publishers can also use notifications to push adverts to their audience and increase their income.

Key Information:

  • With iZooto's web push notifications, you can create powerful notifications and customize them with ease. In addition to web push, iZooto offers app and messenger push, news hub, onsite interactions. 
  • Using iZooto, publishers can grow their revenue with push notification monetization and increase their opt-in rates by 12-15%
  • The payments get released in NET 60 days via wire and Paypal upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of $100 for publishers all over the world.
  • Publishers need to have a minimum of 5000 subscribers or 300,000 monthly visitors to be enabled to the monetization plan. 

2. AdPushup

AdPushups, a Microsoft Ventures-funded team, is a member of the IAB, a Google NPM Partner, and a registered member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG). Leading venture partners have contributed to multiple rounds of funding for it. They take great satisfaction in having the best monetization tools available on a single platform. They provide creative ad formats, A/B testing technologies, header bidding, ad mediation, AdBlock recovery, and AMP conversion in addition to their other services. Additionally, AdPushup provides the most recent ad technology optimization strategies, including lazy loading and auto-refresh advertising.

Key Information:

  • AdPushup allows you to modify your ad layouts effortlessly with just a few clicks. You can place your new ad units wherever you prefer, providing flexibility and control over your advertising strategy.
  • Their ad formats include in-view ads, in-image ads, sticky ads, and docked ads.
  • AdPushup prioritizes high viewability for all their ad formats, a strategy proven to improve click-through rates (CTR) and inventory value.
  • The payments get released in NET 45 days via wire and Paypal upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of $50.
  • AdPushup has no specific requirements that publishers have to meet, except that publishers must have more than $5000 monthly ad revenue. They generally approve all publisher submissions.

3. Setupad

Setupad is a monetization platform for website owners. With an advanced in-house developed header bidding solution and various other products and optimization tools, Setupad aims to increase publishers’ ad revenue to the maximum. Setupad is a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP), an official member of Prebid, and a registered member of the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG).

Key Information:

  • It is easy to maximize your CPM through Setupad's intelligent ad refresh algorithm, which refreshes viewable ads based on user behavior.
  • Their real-time blocking software safeguards against malicious ads and ensure premium ad quality across your site.
  • Setupad's prebid.js auto-template streamlines management of demand partner adaptors (SSPs and DSPs), optimizing the library selection for each user.
  • Setupad's ad formats include in-view ads, sticky ads, instream video ads, lazy loaded ads, interstitial ads, static banner ads and rewarded ads.
  • The payments get released in NET 60 days via bank transfer, PayPal, Payoneer, Wise, Revolut, or Paysera, upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of €100.
  • Publishers need to have a minimum of 100k monthly visitors to sign up. Setupad promises a 30% increase over ad networks like AdSense and Google AdExchange.

4. Monetizemore

MonetizeMore is a rapidly expanding ad tech company that has established itself as one of the industry leaders in ad revenue optimization. PubGuru, their award-winning programmatic ads management platform for publishers offers a range of tools and solutions to maximize revenue from digital advertising. As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Monetizemore’s objective is to help publishers extract the highest possible value from their online content and advertising inventory. While ad revenue is the final goal, they also work on improving your website from different aspects including ad server, SEO, content quality, and more.

Key Information:

  • With MonetizeMore, publishers can choose from a full range of hands-off to self-serve ad optimization services and online marketing solutions.
  • MonetizeMore helps you get better revenue splits and payment terms, with access to specialized ad networks that require billions of ad impressions every month.
  • While many platforms compel publishers to utilize their DNS, ad server, and ad network accounts, MonetizeMore offers the flexibility to manage all of these independently, ensuring full ownership of your ad inventory.
  • MonetizeMore's ad formats include playable ads, static banner ads, interstitial ads, native ads and rewarded video ads.
  • The payments get released in NET 30 days via PayPal, ACH, and wire transfer, upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of $100

5. Vdo.ai

VDO.AI empowers publishers with a unique end-to-end full-stack monetization solution across Web/Mobile Apps/OTT/CTV/Ecommerce via video advertising solutions. With the help of VDO.AI, publishers can leverage top-performing ad types across screens and channels to engage users and drive extraordinary revenue. VDO.AI’s proprietary bidding engine intelligently decides the best-suited and brand-safe bid for the publisher. VDO.AI connects all the buyers to process the bids (via VDO.AI’s Bidding Engine) and offers content-related features like CMS, contextual video serving, streaming, etc to drive engagement.

Key Information:

    • VDO.AI's custom video streaming infrastructure aids lucrative ad monetization through accelerated user engagement.
    • Their proprietary video player is exceptionally lightweight and customizable, unlike other video players that often cause load delays.
    • VDO.AI's advanced AI adapts to real-time market situations, engaging users effectively, to maximizing revenue for publishers.
    • Their bidding engine creates auction pressure and drives CPMs.
    • The payments get released in NET 60 days via PayPal or wire transfer, upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of $100.
    • Publishers need to have 40,000 daily pageviews or more to be eligible for the monetization plan. 

6. Adgebra

Adgebra, a global adtech platform established in India, aims to champion the vernacular language ad-tech domain by making internet advertising language agnostic and accessible. Since 2013, the company has rapidly evolved to reach 500 million unique users, serving over 30 billionn native, rich media and video ads each month through its 2000+ premium publisher network. As a multilingual native ad platform, Adgebra empowers businesses to connect, engage and win the trust of billions of consumers, serving ads in 10 different regional Indian languages. Their clientele includes top publications and news aggregators like TV9 Network, The Print, ABP, DailyHunt, Oneindia, Sharechat, Tamil Samayam, Sakshi, LiveHindustan, NavbharatTimes, Maharashtra times, Khaleej Times, and more.

Key Information:

  • Adgebra serves clean and genuine ads that are filtered by a stringent review process to maintain the quality of advertisers.
  • Ad added advantage of signing up with Adgebra for publishers in India is that it serves regional language ads that match the ad language of your site’s content to ensure better readership, engagement, relevance, and higher revenue generation for publishers.
  • Their ad formats include native ads, rich media ads, and video ads.
  • The payments get released in NET 60 days upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of INR 5000, via bank transfer, wire or PayPal, globally.

7. Sulvo

Sulvo is a programmatic ad server that delivers on-target metrics on revenue and engagement. Their containers prevent revenue loss by recapturing adblock visits, serving special formats, and maximizing auction participation by including as many of your buyers as possible. Sulvo simplifies the process of bringing together all of your buyers, including Ad Manager / AdX, Adsense, Amazon, Relābe, and all Prebid-compatible demand.

Key Information:

    • Sulvo, a great alternative to Adsense is a platform through which you have the chances of increasing your revenue by 30% or more.
    • Through their innovative optimization technology that enables you to sell every impression at the maximum possible price, Sulvo lets more ad networks bid for the ad impressions on your site.
    • Their ad formats include sticky ads, interstitial ads and video ads.
    • The payments get released in NET 60 days via wire transfer, paper check, direct deposit, PayPal, and even bitcoins, upon reaching the minimum payout threshold of $100.
    • Sulvo requires publishers to have at least 1 million page views per month to sign up, and supports websites with content written in 50 different languages 

In conclusion, selecting the right CPM ad network is crucial for Indian publishers and advertisers looking to maximize their online advertising revenue. After a thorough analysis of various options, it's clear that the Indian market offers several promising CPM ad networks. Ultimately, the best CPM ad network for you will depend on your specific goals, target audience, and content niche. We recommend thoroughly researching and considering factors like payment terms, ad formats, support, and network reach before making a decision. It's also important to continually monitor your ad network's performance and be open to testing and optimization.

With the right CPM ad network in India, you can effectively monetize your website or app and achieve your online advertising objectives. Keep in mind that the digital advertising landscape is constantly evolving, so staying informed and adapting to changes is essential for long-term success in this competitive industry.


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Payment terms can vary, but they often include options like monthly or net-30/60 payments. Common payment methods include PayPal, wire transfer, and checks.

Some CPM ad networks may have minimum traffic requirements. However, there are networks suitable for websites with various traffic levels, from small blogs to high-traffic sites.

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