7 Best White Label Programmatic Advertising Platforms

March 19, 2023 || By Editorial Staff

The aim for everyone in the advertising world is to hit the perfect spot with their creatives. The White Label Programmatic Advertising Platforms are the most precise, quick, and insightful software solutions for programmatic advertising. White-label software is a readymade tool that can be rebranded entirely according to the company's needs. These are advertising platforms with no tag and are put up for sale. Instead of paying monthly fees, White Label advertising platforms become your product. Most advertisers who use the white label DSP find this a way to simplify programmatic media buying, and they do not have to overpay for each impression and have all the data coming to them. Below, we have listed the best white-label programmatic advertising platforms. 

Benefits of White Label Programmatic Advertising Platforms

White-label programmatic advertising platforms have become highly prevalent in recent times. It has several benefits:

  • It provides advertisers with ownership that gives them freedom and makes adtech solutions sophisticated.
  • These can be connected with the custom Supply Side Platforms, and the advertisers would be in charge of where the traffic comes from and get all of the data.
  • They can help you abandon the rest of the self-serve DSPs, and you can assemble all your activity in one account. If you use multiple platforms, there is a chance that you might compete with your bid. 
  • It can be connected with as many SSPs and DSPs, and you would get the most incredible traffic diversity.

7 Best White Label Programmatic Advertising Platforms

Here are some of the best white-label programmatic advertising platforms that you can rely on.

1. Epom DSP: Best White Label Programmatic Advertising Platform


Epom's DSP is a ready-to-use RTB technology that ensures simple, data-driven, and cost-effective media buying with your DSP. This White-Label solution is designed to serve your advertising business in many ways, and it automates performance optimization with a system of bidding rules. They offer all ad formats, from banners to stunning videos to native ads.


  • Their targeting options, bidstream data, bidding rules, and instant analytics ensures that you reach and pay only for the right users.
  • They help you access exclusive mobile and in-app inventory that is hard to find elsewhere.
  • They help you discover mobile apps that gather your audience and target their users while separating those who already use your product.
  • They gather analytics in real-time and deliver detailed reports to every self-serve account in only 0.1 seconds after the conversion. 

Additional Info: They have a Bidding Multiplier that automatically adjusts your bids for specific traffic sources to get your bid win without overpaying for it.

2. Smarty Ads: Best White Label Programmatic Ad Exchange Platform


Smarty Ads' patented technology for their white-label programmatic advertising platform offers absolute control and flexibility to support any business model in the programmatic marketplace. It is fully customizable and includes a wide range of optimization tools to deliver an entirely fresh experience that serves all the end-user needs. It helps advertisers use the advertising platform under their brand name and make their branded environment by adding their corporate identity to the pre-designed framework template.


  • They help advertisers access thousands of publishers, ad networks, and ad exchanges that support OpenRTB protocol to purchase ad space with lower prices but higher value.
  • With their optimization algorithms, you can purchase for the lowest rate.
  • It helps precisely target your message to the right audience at the right time.
  • It provides an inventory quality check to ensure superb ad delivery.
  • They give stats by API in real-time, or advertisers can observe them straight away in the dashboard.

Additional Info: Their platform is completely customizable and a self-serve solution that provides the opportunity to create your own media buying platform according to your specific needs.

3. Admixer: Best White Label Programmatic Ad Network Platform


With AdMixer's In-House AdTech Stack, which is tailored to their needs, advertisers can take complete control of programmatic buying and enhance their marketing. They provide your media buying team with everything they need to improve the performance of marketing activities. The all-in-one programmatic platform has a lot of features to offer.


  • Advertisers can connect the inventory and access large-scale direct Publishers, Ad Exchanges, SSPs, and Ad networks in one place. 
  • They help manage audience segments with ease.
  • With their app analytics, you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns on an ad unit level.
  • They offer all ad formats, including display, video, branded, rich media, and in-app formats.

Additional Info: Advertisers can integrate external tools like 3rd-party trackers, verification and anti-fraud tools, etc. 

4. Targetoo: Best White Label Programmatic Advertising Platform


Targetoo offers a smart and simple white-label solution that is tailored to the advertiser's needs. They can provide self-serve access and view-only accounts to their respective clients. They can also provide autonomous approval of campaigns, and they can tailor colors, DNS settings, custom terms and conditions, and set-up of the interface/platform according to your needs.


  • They have no minimum monthly fee.
  • You can appear as an activation partner in DMPs.
  • You would become their propitiatory bidder.

Additional Info: They offer customization in every element and section to make the DSP just as the advertiser wants it.

5. Adkernal: Best White Label A-in-One Programmatic Advertising Suite


Their White Label DSP Suite is an all-in-one trading desk solution. The feature-rich bidder suite has been made for agencies, networks, and in-house media buying that need an enterprise-level trading desk for connecting SSPs, exchanges, and direct publishers and advanced campaign management features.


  • It is fully hosted and ready for you to run your domain.
  • It has a customizable design and logos.
  • It has a Self-Serve Advertiser UI for reporting or campaign management.
  • They provide fast and multidimensional reporting.
  • They offer contextual, device, demographic, and multi-factor retargeting.
  • Their true AI enables the optimization of campaigns for target KPIs.
  • It allows third-party integrations with the leading IVT fraud solutions, conversion tracking software, SSPs, Exchanges, and DSPs. 

Additional Info: They support white-label-ready interfaces for advertisers, direct publishers, and campaign managers. They have a world-class hosting infrastructure from a leader ad serving and entertaining up to 200 billion requests each day.

6. Bidsopt: Best White Label Programmatic RTB Advertising Platform

Their White Label Advertising platform is a powerful solution to running your own branded DSP and Ad Exchange Business. They help you create your own branded environment by adding your logo and URL. It allows agencies, brands, and in-house media buying teams to manage programmatic and direct buying actives across the spectrum of programmatic and direct placements.


  • With the single-user interface platform, you can control your demand, supply, and trading in one place.
  • They have extensive reporting and analytics options to understand the performance of your platform and campaigns.
  • You can control every aspect of your campaign's Bidding and how the publisher placements are sold.
  • They support banner, video, native, rich media, and pop ad formats and a wide variety of integration options.
  • Their fast and efficient SaaS model helps drive automation and reduce costs

Additional Info: You can increase your productivity with their simple and intuitive interface to create and manage your campaigns and assets.

7. Admachine: Best White Label Programmatic DSP Advertising Platform


Admachine's is the ultimate customizable white-label programmatic stack. It enables transparent, resource-efficient, and profitable advertising operations for digital ad agencies, networks, and brands. Advertisers can manage their campaigns effectively in real time, eliminate disruptions, and minimize time-to-value with low startup costs and complete customizability. 


  • It helps advertisers brand the platform with logos, icons, and favicons of their choice.
  • Advertisers can customize ad management according to their budget and strategy and n manage all user accounts from a single dashboard. 
  • It helps optimize ad inventory with the most engaging formats.
  • It helps measure the performance with fine-grained analytics in real time.

Additional Info: They have an intuitive user interface, and they guarantee their clients a dedicated assistant manager.

8. GetIntent: Best White Label Programmatic Advertising Platform

GetIntent helps you build a completely customized platform that you can label with your brand. It helps configure your marketplace in a way that generates more yields. They provide a ready-to-use platform with all essential tools and helpful features already built in. They allow advertisers to enjoy better control, transparency, and efficiency of programmatic buying without dipping into technology.


  • You can see how your campaigns perform in user-friendly dashboards.
  • They help optimize campaigns by viewability and media cost metrics.
  • With granular reporting, you can observe campaign performance in real-time and drill down into any metric.
  • They help deliver ads in the most innovative varieties of display, video, and native formats across screens.
  • They also help expand the targeting capabilities.

Additional Info: They are very affordable and offer a full-stack demand or supply platform at the cost of an ad server.

The Bottomline

White-label programmatic advertising is the new and effective solution to programmatic technology. It is the faster alternative to all other technologies available and serves ads in just a millisecond. It gives you absolute control over your campaign's performance and does away with the need to use multiple DSPs simultaneously. It is a readymade solution and has all the benefits of the self-serve DSP and its unique perks. This article has some of the white-label programmatic advertising platforms listed, and you can use these to simplify your advertising process.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Although SmartyAds is a widely used technology and is extremely popular, people look for other alternatives for ease of use and better reliability. These are StackAdapt, Basic, Zeto, and Google Marketing Platform.

The programmatic advertising platforms act as intermediaries that connect random publishers and advertising based on pre-built audience segments. Ad networks are famous for reselling impressions among themselves, so the final source of your traffic is not known.