The Best VDO.AI Alternatives for Publishers

More and more viewers watch videos than read articles and several publishers have shifted from writing content to creating videos. Videos have huge statistical advantage and consumers and viewers are over 40% more likely to share video content. This is where premium native video platforms like VDO.AI come in to empower web publishers.

VDO.AI is a video advertising platform that offers a range of solutions for publishers and content creators. The platform leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver video advertising that is engaging, effective, and personalized. For publishers, VDO.AI provides a range of tools to monetize their video content through advertising. This includes in-stream video ads, out-stream video ads, and other formats that can be customized to fit the publisher's needs.


Why do you need VDO.AI alternatives?

Publishers may need alternatives for a few reasons:

  • Diversification of Revenue: Relying on a single advertising platform like for generating revenue can be risky for publishers. Having alternatives allows publishers to diversify their revenue streams and reduce the risk of losing revenue in case of any issues with a particular platform.
  • Monetization Options: Different ad platforms have different monetization options and payment models. By exploring alternative platforms, publishers can find options that better suit their business model and audience, which may lead to higher revenue.
  • Competition: Competition can be healthy for both publishers and advertisers. By having multiple options to choose from, publishers can negotiate better rates and terms with each platform.
  • Innovation and Technology: Different ad platforms may offer unique technologies and features that could help publishers enhance their ad delivery and audience targeting capabilities. By exploring alternatives, publishers can keep up with the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

Overall, having alternatives gives publishers more options and flexibility when it comes to monetizing their content and generating revenue.

Contextual ad network and a VDO.AI alternative, Adsolut Media has agreements with some of the biggest ad exchanges in the market. The primary objective of the company is the continuous dynamic development of its programmatic solutions to ensure that the relationships between advertisers and publishers are fruitful and profitable for both parties.

An alternative for VDO.AI, Playwire brings to you the RAPM platform that makes ad monetization simpler and smarter. Playwire is dedicated to helping publishers and app developers accelerate their business by amplifying ad revenue and operating more efficiently.

The most popular online video discovery platform is Primis and it serves as a solid VDO.AI alternative . They collaborate with publishers to assist users in finding excellent and compelling video content, enhancing and extending online experiences. This boosts audience engagement, is completely configurable, and integrates smoothly.



Trusted by more than 20,000 publishers, Ad.Plus guarantees a 30% increase from day 1. Ad.Plus offer display and video advertising solutions for publishers powered by their artificial intelligence technology. If VDO.AI does not accept you because of their publisher eligibility criteria, this can be a great alternative to get started.

A VDO.AI alternative, Teads formed itself as a pioneer in the sector of out-stream video advertising. It is in charge of developing technology that assists businesses in monetizing their operations through programmatic buying and other resources. It provides cutting-edge outstream video advertising solutions that are integrated into top-notch editorial content and available on all platforms.

BridTV is committed to assisting publishers in expanding and profiting from their various audiences because of its potent HTML5 player, cutting-edge video platform, and content management system. With locations in Belgrade and Los Angeles, BridTV is quickly moving up the online video publishing and advertising eco-system.

An alternative for VDO.AI, Viewdeos is a video advertising platform that was created in 2015. Since then, it has assisted publishers in generating the highest possible earnings. Through cutting-edge and high-end video solutions, it is a promising platform that makes it simple for publishers to maximize their advertising revenue. You can use their incontent player as an alternative to

Frequently Asked Questions

There could be several reasons why someone might look for alternatives to VDO.AI, such as seeking better features, lower costs, better customer support, or a different type of advertising solution.

To choose the best alternative to VDO.AI for your business, you should consider factors such as your budget, the type of advertising solution you are looking for, the features and tools provided by the platform, the customer support offered, and the reputation of the company in the industry.

The ease of switching from VDO.AI to an alternative platform can depend on the specific platform and your individual setup. Since its a javascript code that you need to place on your site, the switching shouldn't be a hassle.