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Advertising Disclosure

Advertising Disclosure

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OptAd360 is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that provides high quality solutions to assist each publisher in monetizing their digital content through programmatic advertising. Publishers can use Google Ad Manager MCM to monetize on optad360 with or without AdSense

Optad360 has a large number of high-end ad partners who make bids each time an ad request is made on your website and who pay well. The adverts from those ad partners will appear. The majority of the time, Google AdSense wins bids, and Google AdSense's advertising is displayed. This Valueimpression review offers comprehensive insights into the platform to help you get started. This OptAd360 review offers comprehensive insights into the platform to help you get started.

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Faster Payouts (NET 30 days)
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optAd360 Products

OptAd360 offers various products that include:

  • Bidlogic: Automates monetization management in the most popular ad mediation platforms (ironSource LevelPlay and AppLovin MAX).
  • Revenue booster: Optimizes the website by analyzing its layout in search for places with increased user activity to insert extra ad units.
  • Recovery tool: Recovers and monetizes unsold ad impressions by locating and reselling them.
  • OptAd360 CMP: Manages website users' consents to use their data in terms of targeted advertising.
  • Ad Mapper: Automatically displays and fills a flexible ad layout tailored to your website
    so that you can acquire the highest profits from ad emission.
  • Ad Revenue Index: Index of websites’ and mobile apps’ programmatic advertising revenue, detailing daily trends

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optAd360 Features and Capabilities

  • They are a Google Certified Publishing Partner. Their IAB-certified products allow for the most effective monetization.
  • They are able to support 17 different languages, including English, Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.
  • Simply add a main tag to the website to activate the Connect and Operate monetization options and unleash the full power of your business. Therefore, you shouldn't connect to third parties, modify your DNS, or do anything else.
  • The effectiveness of the website, user behavior, and device all influence how the site's advertisements are presented. It has a greater potential for revenue and is fully automated.
  • Ad Refresh technology is now being used by many platforms and providers to boost the number of ad impressions.

optAd360 Payment Info

OptAd360 offers a 30-day billing cycle and has a minimum $100 payout threshold with no costs related to revenue transfer. You can get the transfer via PayPal, TransferWise, Payoneer or Bank Transfer. 

optAd360 CPM Rate

CPM rates, or rates based on Cost Per Thousand impressions, are determined by multiple factors, some of which include ad format, audience demographics, and niche industry. Although OptAd360 offers industry-competitive CPM rates, they will undoubtedly vary from publisher to publisher depending on a number of circumstances. 

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optAd360 Key Facts

OptAd360 helps publishers monetize their content by boosting the ad revenue of your website, app, or mobile game. They provide professional support and efficient monetization tools for you to acquire optimal profits from your content. They make every effort to adjust their services to the needs of all publishers entrusting them with their content monetization and offer you technology that used to be available only to a narrow group of the largest publishers.

optAd360 Publisher Eligibility

OptAd360 has some requirements that publishers need to fulfill to sign up. The website or app must generate at least 50,000 page views per month for certain countries, and for every other country,  it is 500,000 page views per month. The app or website must have been up and running for at least three months, and it has to be in line with their principles,as an approved Google partner. Along with traffic, the website or app also needs to have quality, engaging content.

optAd360 Ad Formats

OptAd360 offers the following ad formats:

  • Sticky Ads: These are ads that stick to the user's screen while they are scrolling.
  • Parallax Ads: These ads only show a part of the content and reveal the other portions as the user scrolls.
  • Interstitial Ads: These are full-screen ads that cover the interface of the host app.
  • In-Text Video Ads: These are video ads that are placed between the content text. 
  • In-Feed Native Ads: These are native ads that match the look and form of the content and are placed between the feed.
  • Floating Ads: These are ads that float on the user's screen while they scroll.

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