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Select Media offers a full-stack video SSP, outstream video, and display header bidding solution for publishers. Most publishers use their comprehensive suite of video, header bidding display technology, and search on mobile and desktop to eliminate cost, maximize yield and create exposure to new demand sources.

This full-stack technology solution provides a holistic solution for publishers to manage their online business. The technology they use puts the company in front of the best solutions globally. They provide exceptional services and offer unique advertising deals.

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SelectMedia works with a portfolio of premium websites that reaches business and affluent demographics across different verticals. These includes verticals like travel, luxury lifestyle, fashion and beauty and B2B verticals like C-suite, finance and SME.

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SelectMedia offers a full-stack video SSP, outstream video, and header bidding solution for publishers. It primarily deals with video ads only. It also offers in-article video monetization/outstream ads and connected TV ads. 

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