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Admixer Description

Admixer helps publishers monetize their web and in-app inventory and maximize their revenue by connecting top global demand partners. It provides solutions for publishers and app developers who want to maximize fill rates and optimize revenue by managing multiple demand sources from one account. It helps deliver ads from top global monetization sources with direct advertisers, ad networks, and DSPs. All their creatives are IAB-compliant and double-checked.

Admixer Features and Capabilities

Admixer Payment Info

You’re paid every month. You can choose the necessary payment method in the interface. At the moment, all payouts are carried out via bank transfer or payment systems.

Admixer Ad Formats

Admixer offers various ad formats like:

Admixer Faq

Admixer provides 24/7 support. In case of any technical errors or for troubleshooting, you can contact them. If you have any difficulties - submit a request. If you run enterprise-level, they provide you with a dedicated manager.

Admixer supports pricing models such as Flat Fee, CPM, CPC & CPA.

You can combine global and local monetization sources with earning more. In addition, you can set “max revenue” as a top priority, so your inventory will be sold at auction for the highest price.

They bill you every month depending on the number of impressions. They count only on real views, not ad requests. In the free pricing plan, you have 1 million impressions for one site per month. Impressions from Admixer.AdExchange is not included.

Publishers can add as many sites, sections, and ad units as they want.