Best Push Notification Ad Networks for Publishers

Interested in monetizing your content through an additional advertising format? Try push notification ad networks to increase your total ad revenue by almost 20%. This format can be used in parallel and doesn’t take up your website space. Instead they are served via browser and are monetized when a user clicks on them and initiates an action. In order to monetize push notifications, you have to sign up with a push monetization platform. You get paid revenue every time someone clicks on the ad you have sent as a push notification. There are several benefits to using push monetization platforms. Some of the popular website niches that tend to perform best with push notification ads are cam, dating, anime, downloads, games, news and media, and streaming. Well, one should understand that most of the push notification ads either through native demand or are intended towards affiliate conversions. Besides, the two most common forms of push are- web push ads and in-page push ads. Before we deep dive into the best push notification ad networks, we need to understand the benefits of push notification ads. 

Benefits of Using Push Notification Ad Networks

If 30% of your audience is from tier one countries and you are looking for additional sources of ad revenue, we suggest you go ahead with push notification ads. 

  • Additional Revenue Stream: Push monetization platforms allow publishers to generate an additional revenue stream without affecting user experience. Monetizing push notifications help publishers diversify their revenue sources and increase overall earnings.
  • Increased Engagement: Push notifications are a highly engaging form of communication, and push monetization platforms allow publishers to leverage this to increase user engagement with your content. You can drive more traffic to your website or app by providing targeted, relevant, and segmented push notifications.
  • Avoids Banner Blindness: Since push ads are not directly competing with the banners ads on your website, they do not add to banner blindness or increase the overall ad density in a web page.
  • Personalization: Push monetization platforms enable publishers to personalize push notifications based on user behavior, preferences, and demographics. This allows publishers to provide a more personalized user experience, which can increase user engagement and loyalty; resulting in more sessions and revenue.

However, there are quite a few legitimate push monetization platforms on the market. You must remember certain things to find the optimal push monetization platform for your needs. This takes us to the next section where we discuss how to choose the best push notification ad networks for your site. 

How to Choose the Best Push Notification Ad Networks?

Choosing the right push notification ad networks can be a crucial decision as this decision can impact your revenue, user engagement, and overall business success. Here are some things to consider when selecting a push monetization platform:

  • Revenue Potential: Always look at the revenue potential a push notification ad network offers. Try and find platforms that provide high eCPMs (effective cost per thousand impressions). The platform should also offer various monetization options, such as CPC (cost-per-click) or CPI (cost-per-install) models. 
  • User Experience: Always pick a push notification ad network that prioritizes user experience. The platform should provide high-quality, non-intrusive ads. These ads should not negatively impact the user experience and you should be able to exclude ad categories which you don’t want on your website.
  • Ad Quality: A lot of push monetization platforms provide ads that are explicit and obtrusive. It is essential to do due diligence before finalizing on a push notification ad network if you are looking for clean and user friendly ads.
  • Defaulters: Sadly, the ad tech industry is overwhelmed with intermediaries who are earning money by acting as a middleman between the publisher and advertiser. Often, publishers fall prey to networks that take large chunks of publishers revenue. We suggest you go through the online reputation of all ad tech companies before freezing a deal.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Look for push monetization platforms that offer detailed earnings analytics and reporting features. These include providing real-time insights into push notification performance, user engagement, clicks, CTR, and revenue generated. This data can help you optimize your push notification strategy and maximize your revenue potential.
  • Control your ads frequency: As a publisher, you should be able to control the number of push ads that are sent to your subscribers. Sending too many ads can force a subscriber to unsubscribe from your website. 



Delivering high volume of push ads, Push.House is an incredible Push Notification Ad Network with an average click of 415 million on mobile and 9 million on desktop each day.

Pushground is a self-service advertising network providing comprehensive advertising and ad optimization solutions for ad agencies, marketers, and affiliates.

The push notifications network, TrafficHunt is a solid solution to solve all the monetization issues for publishers. With various payment models and regular payments, TrafficHunt never misses. They offer easy integration and their push notification ads surely generate a lot of revenue for publishers.



One of the best push notification ad networks, MediaModern offers worldwide coverage and helps achieve success via it's efficient and extensive traffic base. Their push ads help you monetize traffic while assuring user experience. is a cutting-edge platform designed to help affiliates and webmasters monetize their traffic through push subscriptions. With a diverse range of revenue models, including CPS and Revshare, users can easily set up and manage their campaigns. Enjoy the benefits of detailed statistics and user-friendly settings for a seamless monetization experience.

InvestingChannel offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions for financial brands, leveraging proprietary data and advanced analytics to optimize campaign performance. Explore their innovative approaches to reach and engage targeted audiences effectively.

Push Notification Ad CPM Rates

Push notification ad CPM rates can vary greatly depending on your website traffic, audience niche, and the ad network. Most of the push notification ad networks source their demand from affiliate networks or native ad networks. Traffic coming from tier one can see CPM in the range of $2 and above. Whereas, if the traffic is coming from tier 2 and tier 3 countries, the CPMs are in the range of $0.50 and $0.10 simultaneously. Also, websites on finance, health, software downloads, VPN, gaming tend to perform pretty well with push notification ads. 

Need help picking the right push monetization platform for your content? Publisher Growth can make this process easier for you. Once you sign up, we will analyze your content and suggest the best push monetization platform for you. However, you need to make sure your website has at least 100k monthly visitors as most networks have an entry level threshold limit of the same.  Sign up for Publisher Growth here. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Publishers can optimize their push notification strategy by targeting their notifications based on user behavior and preferences, providing personalized content, testing different notification formats and timing, and analyzing performance data to make data-driven decisions.

Yes, if push notifications are not delivered properly, they can negatively impact the user experience. Publishers should choose push monetization platforms that prioritize user experience and provide high-quality, non-intrusive adverts.

Yes, push notifications are highly effective for user engagement as they can be targeted and personalized to the user's interests and behavior. This can lead to higher click-through rates, increased user engagement, and, ultimately, increased revenue for publishers.