Best Native Ad Networks for Publishers

Are you interested in monetizing your content? Native advertising is an option you can look at. Native ads are ads that seamlessly integrate into your content without looking jarring like display ads might. They are related to your content and, thus, relevant to your consumers. However, it is essential to find the best native ads possible for your content. To do so, you can get the help of native ad networks for publishers.

Native advertising platforms or native advertising networks are platforms that connect publishers to the right ad partners. These ad platforms find advertising partners which are relevant to your content. Thus the ads they provide can seamlessly integrate with your content. It will also be relevant to your consumers. This will ensure that they are not turned off your site because of irrelevant advertisements.

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The native ad network, PusHub shows relevant ads that have been integrated into the content to help publishers monetize the content without disrupting user experience.

Setupad is one of the best website monetization platforms to increase ad revenue for publishers. Enjoy superior client support and have access to top SSPs.

The native ad network, Taboola makes sure that the ads match the form and content on the website to provide a non-intrusive experience and enhance user experience and revenue.

Google AdSense is a contextual advertising network that helps publishers monetize their websites with global fills. It offers one of the best CPC rates for niche blogs and websites. AdSense is the go-to advertising network for all entry-level publishers. 

The self-serve native ad network, FroggyAds offers a powerful and holistic solution to publishers to engage their users via native ads and monetize easily. The network is focused on results and ROI and provides real-time statistics with advanced targeting to help you take control.

AdSparc specializes in programmatic advertising solutions, offering publishers advanced monetization strategies and seamless integration with Google services to maximize revenue and optimize ad performance. Discover how AdSparc enhances digital advertising with cutting-edge technology and comprehensive support.

The native ad network, ClickAdilla helps publishers earn revenue via the next-generation self-serve ad network. With advanced inventory and adjustable ad intensity, the network helps you earn easily.

This native ad network will easily monetize your traffic but showing native ads to the users that will not even look like ads. It helps you monetize everything using safe ads and offers high CPMs.

The native ad network, TrafficStars helps publishers provide the best user experience to their users and reaching high revenue in the process. Their native ad widgets can be customized completely and are responsive, allowing publishers to get paid for every thumbnail that is seen.

Tap Native is a premium ad platform whose ads are featured exclusively within premium health and wellness websites and around health-related content.

Benefits of Native Ad Networks for Publishers

1. Improved engagement on your site, as Native ads are more relevant.
2. Improved impressions as native ads give you a better chance to reach your target audience.
3. Native ad networks make ads easier to adapt to your device and blend with website content.
4. You can get more control over ads-related things such as ad placement.

How to Choose the Best Native Ad Networks?

When it comes to choosing a native ad platform, there are several things you have to look at. In a saturated market, you must consider a platform suited to your content and revenue needs. Here are some things to keep in mind-

1. Find a native advertising network that gives you ads that match your niche and content.
2. Find native ad networks that provide data and analytics.

Native Ad CPM Rates for Publishers

Native ad CPM rates can vary widely based on several factors, including the type of native ad, geographic location, industry, seasonality, and the specific ad platform or network you're using. Native ads aim to seamlessly integrate with the content and provide a non-disruptive user experience. Here are some general insights into native ad CPM rates:

  • The CPM rates for different types of native ads, such as in-feed, recommendation widgets, sponsored content, or native video ads, can vary. Video native ads typically command higher CPM rates due to their engaging nature and range between $2 to $20.
  • Tier-1 countries, like the United States, often have higher CPM rates followed by tier 2 and tier 3. 
  • Highly competitive niches, such as finance, technology, and healthcare, often yield higher CPMs in the range of $2 and above

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Frequently Asked Questions

A native ad is an ad that integrates seamlessly with your content without feeling like an advertisement or looking out of place.

Digital ads are ads that are placed on online channels. Native ads can be digital ads. Native ads integrate seamlessly into your content without jarring your consumer out of the content.